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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


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awkward but fun,remind anyone of the bucket game?

posted by ConWal (TYLER, TX) Feb 1, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

This game is awesome. theres nothing better if your into a jump in-out game on gameboy. the controls work well, (but dont break the L or R buttons or your screwed) the story is not any better than the pokemon games for a gameboy, but its executed much better than most on the GBA. I got it for my birthday when it came out, broke my L button, and sold the game. I got it off of here a while ago, and am already almost done with Soras story. ITs something that you can play before bed, on the school bus, before dinner, on the john, and other places you cant play your ds because the motion controls are too distacting from whatever your doing. The only real bad part i had with it was the saveing. you can quicksave if theres no save point nearby, but if theres more than one person playing on the same cartridge than they can either: 1. take you to a save point which is eassy cuz its to linear, or 2. be a jerk and erase the quick save. its all up to you. but like i said, linear. The hardest fights arent even bossfights, but trying to find the cards with the right number to open the doors. thats a pain in the neck when it wants a nine or a zero, which are pretty randomly obtained.

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Very Good

Not the Best Kingdom Hearts but good

posted by Bloos1RP (FOOTHILL RANCH, CA) Jul 24, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

KIngdom Hearts for the game boy is pretty good. The game has great graphics including a few 3D scenes and great sound for the others games. THe bad part is that the gamplay is a little annoying due to the fact that you just cards insted of attacking whenever you want which is bad because the run out quick and you can't attack when others enemies attack. The game is not as good as the others Kingdom Hearts but it's still good. But if you're looking for a good Kingdom Hearts game get the second one.
game play:B
over all:B

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Game With Addicting Gameplay

posted by maddad (OCONTO, WI) Nov 26, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

This game is awesome. The story is true to the series, and the gameplay is different but very good. One problem I had were the levels overall, which is basically going from point A to point B in rooms that look very similar to each other. All in all, get this game if you are looking for something different or are a fan of Kingdom Hearts.

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