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posted by ykbane (PRINCETON, WV) Apr 21, 2007

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I am new to the series, and this is the first one I've played. I am very impressed!
this game has the best storyline in any games I've ever played! I liked how it was sad, funny, and even suspenseful. If you are a gamer who likes games with story, GET THIS!!!

I thought fighting with cards was really cool. Especially because it wasn't take-turns like pokemon! Other than battle, moving around was pretty easy. The only thing I didn't like was reloading cards.

These are the best graphics I have ever seen on a GBA game! I really liked how some of it was PS2 animation!

AWESOME!!! I can't get the Halloween Town song out of my head! Sometimes I would go back to a certain world just to listen to the music!

Funny Things:
Axel and Vexen look like a girl.
Vexen looks like Fergie
Riku wears a hula skirt on dark mode

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Very Good

Handheld Superfun!

posted by Xehanort (MT HOREB, WI) Apr 24, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

When I saw that a Kingdom Hearts for Gameboy Advance came out, I had mixed emotions of 'this has got to be a total flop' and 'oh boy! Another Kingdom Hearts game to play for hours on end!'. When I played it, I knew that this wouldn't be a flop! Storyline: flawless! What else would you expect from a Kingdom Hearts game? Battle form: ehh... but still a good strategic twist. You use 'cards' to attack, not like you throw cards at people and give them papercuts, but you get this deck that basically sets what you can do. There are magic cards and attack cards that you can use to your liking. Also, you can use things called 'slieghts' in order to power up your attacks or exicute special moves! Anyway, I'm not going to plunge too deep into what happens but when the game starts off, it basically picks up from where you are. You see Pluto, and you follow him up the road that seems to never end. Then a few 'suprises' that I'm not going to tell about 'cause you gotta rent the game yourself!!! But overall, this game is a great way to have fun and kill your time.

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Annoying game play but furthers great story

posted by Justy8 (BURBANK, CA) Apr 12, 2006

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This is actually Kingdom Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories picks up where the original left off, only now on the GBA! In this sequel you are introduced to Organization XIII, Diz, and most importantly, Namine. The story you progress through introduces you to new faces that will come back in Kingdom Hearts 2, such as Axel. Sora's continued quest to find his friends leads to a castle where as they progress further, their memory of their friends and their adventures are forgotten. If you loved the first Kingdom Hearts you will play this game despite any flaws. The main flaw is the card battle system that has been introduced. While done in other games, its never an interesting battle. Cards based on attack, magic, etc. have numbers. This is basically a speed version of War. With as many battles you will be in, the fighting becomes dull and repetitive, but you will go through it just to further the story. Although not the best Kingdom Hearts game, it is a nice introduction to Kingdom Hearts 2, which will make much more sense if this game is played first.

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