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posted by tacticsofficer (TEMPLE TERRACE, FL) Nov 4, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

This game is well worth the play. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll admit I did not get to play the last portion of the game as my PSP card reader stopped working. However, it is an amazing experience and one of the best Kingdom Hearts games I've played.
I love the feel of a Kingdom Hearts game. Lots of imagination. The characters are so well developed and you really feel for each one in your own way.
Some of you may read the summary, so you probably may know quite a bit on the storyline, so I won't need to cover too much of that for you.
Guys, if you're here on gamefly to try games you like, this is one I really recommend.
The gameplay is very impressive. There are three characters you get to play as: Ventus, Terra, and Aqua.
Each has their own abilities and strengths.
I'll tell you that, for those familiar with combining keyblade techniques, either physical or magical, the way they did it here was great. There are also abilities you can gain when you combine techniques besides just reloading speed and the usual.
For those of you wondering, this is the first game in the series, chronologically.
Can you play it and fit in with the storyline if you've already played ahead? Yep.
I know some of you may be like, "of course, it's the first game."
True enough.
It's pretty easy to get along with, and like any other KH game there's an adjust period where you adjust to the new abilities and differences.
It's all a very new experience, full of great new relations to the world.
You probably will notice some characters you know along the way. However, realize this is before KH1 so this is several years before Sora and Riku are grown up a bit.
For anyone wondering, to give a glimpse into the game here (not spoilers), Terra is your guy similar to Riku in the darkness way. However, he isn't as dark. Aqua is the opposite. Ventus, well, he's his own man.
Well, I'll close up guys by saying try it for yourselves. It's totally worth it.
Enjoy all

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posted by Joker4479 (SALEM, IL) Mar 21, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

I'd seriously LOVE to play this game. I'm a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan.
But I got this game and surprise surprise Gamefly.
I picked it up and the plastic cover of the game literally fell apart.
You sending me an e-mail saying you guys personally check the games before shipment is BS.
Tell the monkies to quit shipping your games into space before delivery okay?
The game ?/10
Gamefly 1/10
Also, PLEASE for the love of Darkness, get some better games on your Unlimited PC Play.
And the good ones...
I've gotten several errors because files were missing from your downloads. -_-

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Great game minor problem

posted by KyoSeraph (LITTLETON, CO) Feb 19, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

This game was great when I played it the first time and when I didn't get to finish it I rented it from Gamefly when I got it the game played through the beginning intro but then when it tried to get passed the main screen it didn't play passed it.

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