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And god said let there be light!

posted by HATEurFACE (SPRINGFIELD, MA) Oct 1, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

12 out of 18 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Oh thank goodness we are getting some decent games for the DS recently!

Kingdom hearts is a definite must buy or keep. you'll be having this game for a while so its more cost effective to keep and seriously so good to just give back for theres so much more to do once you beat the game.

Reply value is super high and the graphics border on PSP quality. Let's face it sometime our 3d DS games can only do so much in terms of quality.

Awesome, awesome game!

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Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

posted by Xion20 (GLEN BURNIE, MD) Oct 1, 2009

Member since May 2007

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First off, I'd like to start by clearing the pronunciation of the name up for those that haven't seen/heard the TV Spot; Kingdom Hearts: Three-Five-Eight-Days-Over-Two.

One of the best games of the Kingdom Hearts series--though, aren't they all the best? The gameplay is still the same old Kingdom Hearts we know and love, but just a bit of changes to adding items and abilities.

The Panel System:
The panel system--yes annoying at times--is a great way to add some form of challenge to the game. It makes you think, plan out how you want to use your abilities, items, and weapons. You will actually need to change some abilities for some missions.

THE best NDS graphics we will probably see for a long while. One of my favorite aspects is that they are using scenes from the original PS2 games--ah great nostalgia.

The Story:
At the time that I'm typing this, I'm at around Day 76-78. The story so far has filled in many holes, like as to why Axle was the only one able to survive C.O. What I'm most interest in is how Xion came to be. I know she's a second nobody of--SPOILER-- Sora, but why. I guess since I'm still early in the game, I'll find out later.

For this handheld portion, they've decided to bring back the normal KH way of fighting that we all know and love. Nothing new with the touch screen besides dragging the camera around. So mostly just hacking, slashing, platforming, and now, examining your way around levels. The missions are a great way to go through the story. It makes it feel even more like you're true Organization XIII.

10/10. Definite buy.

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The Next Kingdom Hearts future!

posted by RayAzulmon (GIBSONTON, FL) Sep 28, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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At first when I was playing kingdom hearts,I was so thrilled that it was a good game.Kingdom hearts 358/2 days is the best ds game ever!!!!You can go to mission mode and go to worlds from the first three games of KH.I bought this game in japan and it was tremendus,buy this game or rent it,IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

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