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Very Good

Great Game, But Perfect???

posted by DustinEC (ROSSVILLE, TN) Oct 29, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

I would like to start off by saying that I absolutely love this game.
I have always been a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, and this game does not dissapoint.

I'm only on Day 92 I belive.

I will make this as simply as possible.

Graphics: 8/10 Really good graphics for a DS game.

Gameplay: 7/10 It's the same Battle System you know and love but "dumbed" down for the handheld. Not as much story within the missions. You simply "kill this" "investigate that" and have a Boss type battle after a handful of missions.

Controls: 8/10 If you're used to using the analog stick then this game could be pretty difficult starting out. But once you unlock Control Type 2 it makes it a great deal easier since you don't have to use the Stylus to look around.

Replay Value: 8/10 Mission Mode will keep you busy for a good while after you beat Story mode. You can use all of the Organization members in this mode. But they all seem the same, combat wise.

Final Verdict: I'm really enjoying this game. It's one of the best DS games to come out in a good while. It might not feel like a sequel to KH2, but it sure makes up for the long wait until it arrives.
If you are a Kingdom Hearts fan then I would suggest buying this for sure. If you are just getting in to Kingdom Hearts then I would suggest renting it. But play the first two games on the PS2 first.

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GF Rating



posted by floopes (GALAX, VA) Oct 27, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

Kingdom hearts 358/2 days is a very worthy addition to the kingdom hearts saga. The new panel system is very nice and deffently a good refreshing feature. The missions can be clones of others that you already done in another world. The bosses can be rather difficult. If you don't equip the right items before you go off on a mission you may find it difficult to accomplish the task. You even may find yourself having to get out of the misssion, equip the right items, then going back and giving it a try. The story is very good, different from the others sorta by playing as orginization xiii ( sorry, i don't know what 13 is in roman really just taking a guess) instead of playing as sora. Deffently some of the best graphics on the DS so far. I was a little surprised at how well the controls hold up on the DS. Overall this game is very good but if your not a kingdom hearts fan go with the first game and not this one because its a bit different from the others. Rent this game but don't try to start out on it without playing the first and second games first because youll just get lost fast. Deffently worth a 10 on my scale. thats my review!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not enough before BBS

posted by NinjaZee (ANTIOCH, CA) Oct 21, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

To start off, I'm huge fan of KH as well as the rest of the reviewers.
I'm glad this game didn't get as much hype as KH2.

Gameplay - It is still the same run around and smack that we KH fans have grown to love, the camera is a little sketch at first, but you quickly learn how to use it well. The use of the slots was very similar to that of CoM, in the sense of the cards. Although tedious, it makes the game just difficult enough, at least on proud mode. It makes you think a little more before facing a large, painstakingly long fight. And adding Lv+ to slots was pretty cool, everyone loves powered up abilities. Although, I really dislike having the level slots, it really takes up room later in the game. Indeed, it is a do this here and that there game, but it has the KH feel and fills some holes in what we thought we knew about KH, so we can overlook that.

Graphics - This is the only major problem with this game that I have. I see that most of you are saying they're good graphics for a DS, but they're not DS graphics, I'm almost positive that they used the PS2 engine for this game and it's very pixel-like throughout the game. The cut scenes of course are pretty nice, but after the Final Fantasy 4 beginning, I expected more. It's not a problem, just an annoyance.

Mission Mode - This might be the more exciting part of the game for some. Using the XIII [now XIV] members, along with some unlockables [i.e. Riku, Donald, etc.] Although this is a nifty feature, certain characters need certain weapons to actually be -good-. To actually do anything in this mode you need to pick up badges in-game. Doing Missions lets you acquire crowns [or sigils] that can redeem items for Roxas from the Moogle.

Overall, it is really a great game. Not a lot of games are hard hitting for the DS other than Pokemon, so, it's a little nice to see a good handheld game. I haven't finished the game, but it seems like you can still acquire a whole lot even after you beat the storyline.

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