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Its Ok

posted by barp123 (ROSWELL, GA) Nov 4, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

I have to say that i was pretty hyped when i heard about this game. But then i heard that they were just recycling the old game locations. Also, it is not a free roam where you can go explore and save your game at save points and stuff. This kinda bummed me out. The story mode is simple: Xemnas gives roxas missions to do and sometimes you will go on these missions with other members of orginization 13. These missions kind of detract from the RPG experience because its just mission after mission and after each mission, you are treated with a popsicle-eating scene on the top of a big azz clock tower. These scenes are mostly uninteresting and they dont really add to the story. The combat is pretty simple but you dont buy new combos, the 2 combos you can perform(ground and midair) depend on which keyblade you are weilding. Besides all these somewhat minor flaws, the game is pretty fun and challenging. If you are a Kingdom Hearts fan then you should definitely get this. And if you're not a diehard fan of KH, then i suggest renting it.

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Really, really boring.

posted by ChocoPocky (BERKELEY, CA) Nov 2, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

I am more then half way through this game and it is BORING ME TO TEARS. It is taking me forever to beat it because it's SO BORING.

I was hoping I'd get to see another side to the characters and Roxas, but they pretty much have the same depth as they did in KH2 for the 5 minutes they appeared on screen. Everyone is 1 dimensional and boring, even Axel, I had hopes for him really. Plot moves along REALLY SLOWLY.

Gameplay is repetitive and boring, button mashing and dodgeroll rinse and repeat. Camera/lock on are messy. Missions, worlds, music, characters, everything is reused and repeated. The Nobodies are pretty much doing what Sora, Donald, and Goofy did, which is destroy heartless. So why are they the bad guys again....?

Those words sum up this game nicely. I can't believe it's gotten such good ratings. Disney must be paying people off.

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A Little Let Down

posted by terri217 (BRONX, NY) Oct 30, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

First and foremost I am a huge Kingdom Hearts Fan. I love the story behind it and how the journey takes you through different worlds of Disney that we all grew up with. So when Kingdom Hearts released a DS game, I was like, Sweet! Now I could play on the go. I started playing the game and I started feeling more and more disappointed. The story behind this one is good, but what I didn't like was the game play. I have never been a big fan of solely mission based game play. I don't mind missions as part of a larger theme. But what this game lacks, that the PlayStation versions had was the ability to roam free about the towns and do side tasks and things like that on your own. This game has a lot of the areas blocked off so that you don't get sidetracked from your mission, at least that is how I saw it. I stopped playing it halfway through and for the most part, am not feeling like I am missing much.
I feel that they did it this way because the DS cartridge could only hold but so much space. I wonder how different it would have been had they designed it for a Sony PSP UMD, which seems to hold more information if they were able to squeeze an entire game like Star Ocean: the Second Story on it, (of course with few modifications).

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