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What the...?

posted by hotboy (GONZALES, LA) Aug 9, 2009

Member since Jun 2005

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This game is like watching a dream die. SNK has severly handicap KOF 12. They have removed moves from characters, there's no storyline, and no extra modes. The graphics is the only thing good about this game. I have always loved SNK games, but this is ridiculous. They have given us graphics with no substance. Now i have to play Capcom and I hate Capcom imbalanced fighters. You can rent it, but dont buy it.

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Above Average

Not the best

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Aug 6, 2009

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Recently theres been a bunch of really good fighting games coming out. Some of them are Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV. I havnt really ever heard much of this game, but i wanted to see how it ranked up against its contendors. This game is pretty much your average 2D fighting game. The story mode is somewhat ok, but nothing special. The most important thing about this game is online which is good, but not quite as good as online for Street Fighter IV. The graphics arent really amazing, but theyre good. The graphics in this game kind of remind me of the graphics in Grand Theft Auto IV. But thats about it in this game. Online is whats the main feature of this game. So overall this game is pretty good, but Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV are better. Try it out if you like 2D fighting games.

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could be better

posted by joshy0o (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Aug 4, 2009

Member since Jun 2008

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I gave this game a 5 out of 10 because I was well informed of this game ahead of time so I already knew about how bare bones this game was going to be and the small roster for a kof game.

the graphics are beautiful pixelated but nevertheless beautiful. The animation of each character is great since every character will be redrawn at some point. XII is just the beginning of this reborn series as more characters will be redrawned in the future.

as for the the gameplay it is fun and i admit that i had more fun with this combat system that kof XII has that what I had with sf4's system.

I hear people complaining about the horrible controls but I think its the dpad to blame as I performed alot better with the analog stick or with my arcadestick.

oh yes kof xii features a new counter system when your meter fills and you counter with a hard punch or kick your character goes into a mini custom combo chain which I thought was a cool addition but it could have been done better if you could do it from the air or even juggle.

the online is laggy .... i thought this game had potential even if it did not have a story or a boss only if the online gameplay would be smooth and flawless like sf4's online then kof's xii bare bones core solid fighting system would be just enough to make it a solid fighting game in my opinion.

I guess we would have to hope that snkp will patch up the netcode soon. so on the mean time if you have friends that like 2d fighters give it a rent and have some local matches with your buddies.

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