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Severely Disappointed

posted by EEllis06 (SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, NY) Aug 5, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

I would consider myself to be a fighting game aficionado because I grew up with the games where you spent hours and massive amounts of quarters at the local arcade with games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. King of Fighters has always been one of the games where thoughts of playing the series brings you back to your childhood, so when I heard news about the game being released on Xbox and the PS3 in 2009, I nearly lost my mind. I actually didn't have time to purchase the game so a friend of mine picked it up for me. Let's just say the only thing good about this game are the old memories you held onto because if this game were to be the poster boy of the series, you would despise everything KOF stands for.

They removed some of the pivotal characters that would've helped the game in my opinion. The fighting between characters to me comes off as rather stiff. It seems to throw a punch or kick; the characters are using every ounce of life to do so. The graphics are horrid. I'm not against hand drawn characters but the pixels are so distorted, it's as if you're playing a Super NES game in 2009. I would never recommend paying $60 for this game because to be honest, I played the game until the end with Terry, Andy and Iori Yagami as my lineup…I will NEVER EVER touch that game again. This game could've been so amazing but it falls short in so many categories, I wouldn't even off it as a free test demo to a friend.

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GF Rating


absolutely horrid

posted by danf0x (DERWOOD, MD) Aug 4, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

I am a big KOF fan and I don't know what this game was, but it wasn't KOF. There is no story, no ending, no real reason to play. The fighters are slow, the character balance is a joke, and the game is buggy.
If you don't want to ruin your idea of a good fighting game please do not get this game.
Because I am not a totally negative person I will post the good that it has; the online lobby system is great.

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Arcade Port with NO extra Icing

posted by Range13 (BOZEMAN, MT) Aug 3, 2009

Member since Aug 2008

It doesn't matter how much you love KOF, listen to the other reviewers and STAY AWAY there is so little to do and absolutely no reason to do it. The achievements will be a stain on your Gamerscore for this is the definition of a phoned in port. No unlockables that I could find, missing fighters GALORE, a single player experience that is absolutely BORING with atrocious cut scenes and questionable controls with lots of cheap leg finishes. All this game has done has made me run screaming back to my DC version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 the greatest of 2D fighters, the old NEO GEO KOFs are even vastly superior. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED..

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