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Great fighter, bad game...

posted by Madriker (CHINO, CA) Aug 9, 2009

Member since Nov 2006

The best way I can describe this package is INCOMPLETE. SNK's building a new foundation for their classic fighting franchise, but they've released it prematurely. There are too many features missing, and an overwhelming lack of polish.

The cast hosts a fair number of fighters but falls shorts when compared to previous KOF titles. Most inconveniences are due to the game's horrible user interface. It gets increasingly frustrating when you can't cancel out of a mode, assign button configurations normally, deselect a character in the character select screen, or even view the command list in training mode... Yet it's viewable in versus and arcade mode.

Arcade mode is actually a time attack mode with a couple of generic cut scenes placed in from a newscaster's perspective of the tournament.

Visually, the new sprites are impressive. There's a 0-3 level filter present in the system options menu that applies a smoothed blur effect to the characters (who, unfiltered, show off every pixel of dotart). Purists will also appreciate the Japanese language option so we can hear the voices we usually associate with the characters.

While KOF vets will feel right at home with the controls, it's the small details that we really notice are missing.

One thing I particularly look forward to with each installment are the prefight entry interactions between characters. Kyo vs Iori, Andy vs Mai (who's missing... No Mai, No Buy!)... SNK decided to opt out with any an' all entry animations. The screen fades in from black and it's ROUND ONE, READY...

Every character (that I've noticed) is limited to one win pose. The stages, while intricately detailed, are too few in number... Five to be exact, with one being a reskin of an already existing stage.

Lack of game modes severely limit the single player experience an' the online is a disaster. The game's only saving grace is one of its worst aspects. At this point in time, it's best to avoid online play with this title altogether

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Not a Streetfighter

posted by jsoto433 (BELLEVILLE, NJ) Aug 7, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

This game blows... the graghics on PONG are better and it can't even come close to street fighter and MK...

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Severely Disappointed

posted by EEllis06 (SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, NY) Aug 5, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

I would consider myself to be a fighting game aficionado because I grew up with the games where you spent hours and massive amounts of quarters at the local arcade with games such as Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. King of Fighters has always been one of the games where thoughts of playing the series brings you back to your childhood, so when I heard news about the game being released on Xbox and the PS3 in 2009, I nearly lost my mind. I actually didn't have time to purchase the game so a friend of mine picked it up for me. Let's just say the only thing good about this game are the old memories you held onto because if this game were to be the poster boy of the series, you would despise everything KOF stands for.

They removed some of the pivotal characters that would've helped the game in my opinion. The fighting between characters to me comes off as rather stiff. It seems to throw a punch or kick; the characters are using every ounce of life to do so. The graphics are horrid. I'm not against hand drawn characters but the pixels are so distorted, it's as if you're playing a Super NES game in 2009. I would never recommend paying $60 for this game because to be honest, I played the game until the end with Terry, Andy and Iori Yagami as my lineup…I will NEVER EVER touch that game again. This game could've been so amazing but it falls short in so many categories, I wouldn't even off it as a free test demo to a friend.

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