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Well it could have been worse

posted by Zennshi (AUGUSTA, GA) Sep 23, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

I will admit that I use to play KOF around the time gametap got it, so not too long ago! However after playing all of the king of fighters games from 98 to now, I have noticed something. For some reason the "new" games tend to lose some of the "old" and "better" characters as well as take away from the experience as a whole.

You see I tend to judge games on a few levels; replay value, controls, complexity, learning curve, and general gameplay... that being said


You see it has no replay value unlike KOF 98 where you would get your teeth kicked in at the first boss fight hands down again and again and again(which is infuriating too but at least you feel something when you beat the boss...). The controls are the same but they REMOVED a lot of moves which boggles my mind, I am no expert on programming by any stretch of the imagination but COME.ON... If you already have a set of moves and character WHYYY would you remove it????? It is insulting! Which brings me to the complexity, this game actually has a mode that dumbs down things like :



< B


Which brings me to the learning curve which is stupid easy( for reference, I beat the game in 15 minutes the first time... then 25 on hard... I'm not even kidding...) Then to make it worse, the gameplay is slow, which if you played some of the past KOF you will notice just how bad it is. I think my favorite KOF game was 2003, fast paced, lots of diverse characters (not redone characters to appease multiple ethnic groups or their female audience, king was the cheapest and best and roberto was a close second in those regards) with different(but not TOO different) skill sets that required your complete attention.

This game is a travesty.... and I would be insulted if I was the creator and saw this come out as "new".

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posted by nnotdead (LINDENHURST, IL) Sep 21, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

i went through the arcade mode a couple of times, and that took 30 minutes or so. then tried to play online, but few people where on and didnt really try to hard to continue to try and find a fight. after that nothing to do. the actual game could be fun if u had a few friends to play with online or in person. i myself have no friends in any way interested in any fighting game, so no it was not fun.

good: game mechanics

bad:graphics, nothing to do after few arcade play throughs, few people online

final: 3. only get if ur a big fan and/or u have, or can get a few friends to play with.

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King of fighters sucks

posted by gilheaven (YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, NY) Aug 31, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

This game sucks the speed is slow just like going back in time. We need real game TEKKEN 6 I'm waiting.....

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