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King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Maniax (KOF)

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Mai Defeating Duke

Fighting Duke as Mai can be difficult. However, if you keep using her combos, such as Super Deadly Ninja Bees and Windwill Waster and do not allow Duke to power up any of his most devastating attacks, you will defeat him. REMEMBER: This may require a lot of practice; use the practice mode until you are skilled with Mai's combos. Defeating Duke in story mode will unlock Mai's profile and rigging model.

Extra hits

To get 30 hits in one of the challenge mode missions, use Ryo's Whipslash Bash with a Light Punch then use his level 2 special.

How to beat Duke

Under the normal difficulty setting,-at the beginning of Duke's fight, sidestep as soon as the fight begins to avoid his first attack, then attack him, preferable knocking him to the ground. After he has been knocked to the ground, try to stay in the center of the ring. Duke will do the following when you fight him