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GF Rating


Not too bad

posted by Dexter (WALDEN, NY) Nov 16, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

It's pretty descent game, especially with a little competition. My only problem is that each character doesn't have a balance of abilities. for example, Terry boguard is just too powerful. On-line play would probably make this game a eight even. but SONY please. a little on-line play. all of the classic king of fighter characters would have been nice too

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GF Rating


No, no, no!

posted by Darkvein (OMAHA, NE) Oct 23, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

Ugh. This game gave me a headache. The voiceacting is annoying. Very annoying. It's extremely easy to repeat moves, so the battle shouts of your character are called out over and over... and over... and over.. Not to mention that the last guy has the same script, just your character responds in a different way.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A solid fighter

posted by Lothire (EVERETT, WA) Oct 10, 2006

Member since May 2005

A little info on this game; the reason it's been named 2006 instead of Maximum Impact 2 is due to the previous 3D game having performed poorly. Don't let the title confuse you - this isn't the next step in the "main line" of KOF games. This, as was the previous, is the franchises attempt to break into the 3D gaming genre.

Even if this game is not the original story of King of Fighters, it still boasts a good deal of story for each character as well as a decent fighting system to back it all up. Parry is a new feature to the game that lets you knock your opponents attack out of the way, temporarily causing them to break stride and open them up for a quick sequence of attacks. It's not overly useful, but neither is it useless. Combos are not entirely limited to the "stylish moves" that are described for each character, but they are the most prudent chain of attacks. Special attacks can be chained into your combos to add extra lethality, and being bounced off walls is just as common (and deadly) as it was in the last.

This sequel has improved a great deal on its predecessor, not only in terms of fighting fluidity but also in story. The combat is still on the slower end and the pace of battle does not really stack up to other popular, well established 3D titles. Chances are you'll want to play only a few of the characters before you get tired.

In short, KOF2006 plays well, with the only real problem being that it brings nothing new to the genre. While it may not be on the level of Tekken or Viruta Fighter, any KoF fan will enjoy spending a few rounds with characters not open on in the main line of the series and in nice 3D. Casual gamers of the genre will likely find the game lacking.

I should also mention, the game offers Hatori Hanzo of Samurai Showdown fame as a secret character - someone who has yet to be in a recent 3D fighter. Old lovers of that franchise may find him as a unexpected surprise.

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