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Very Good

Ryo and the gang are back. But is KoF 06 any good?

posted by ABrosado (JERSEY CITY, NJ) Jun 3, 2007

Member since May 2007

If you expecting Tekken or VF5, keep looking but if you looking to just have a lot of fun playing a great fighter your in luck, and if your a fan of KoF you better have your copy already.
Game play wise this game is perfect. There aren't to many pick up and play fighting games anymore. All the moves are nice and easy to pull off. This is a big improvement from Maximum Impact where a few of the moves didn't pan out like you'd like them to. No online play however kills in this day and age. GAME PLAY- 9
Visually Kof 2006 looks great for what it is. Being only SNK's second offering to the 3D realm of fighting you have to appreciate what they've done here. Nice smooth frame rate keeps the fighting feeling…well smooth. Graphic- 8
The sound was my biggest problem with KoF 06. I do think SNK needs to fire all there voice actors. I mean really, why do some of the fighters sound like 12 year old boys going through puberty? Music is just as forgettable. Your better off muting your TV and listening to your own ipod. SOUND- 4
The story absolutely sucks! Really what makes it worst is the voice acting. But hey, that’s what RPG’s are for not fighting games. STORY- 6
If you’re a fan of the KoF series(and if your not you must have been playing Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat for most of the 90’s) you need to pick this game up. With 3 on 3 battles and a challenge mode it will have you playing until you unlocked everything in the game, which is a lot. REPLAY- 9
There are a few problems I had with the game the need to be fixed for Kof 07. The games overall balance. Some the fighter are to overpowering while others are far to weak. This can be a huge problem especially if this is your first KoF game. Online play is a must to have. There is just no excuse for it. If your going to do voice over work on a Japanese game hire people to speak ENGLISH! And not 12 year old kids! To SNK, real breast don’t move the way Lien’s and Mia’s do.

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Story Mode needs work, look at them bounce....

posted by KiddKaotix (BUFFALO, NY) Dec 14, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

very good fighting game with 2 players. Problems start when you play story mode with more then one person. They don't realy dive into a "story" as much as they do a quick phrase from each fighter to progress the "plot". Also why do all the girls chest area bounces around when the move the slightest bit. I've never such movement from that part of the body before. And where is Mai's ending pose, get the camera back in front of her for that if your gonna have all that movement! But really though, 2 players is great, but the story mode gets a bit boring after a few fighters have cleared it. I kinda miss some of the moves from the 2D version (the 3-peat Power Geiser for example).

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button mashers dream

posted by kajuroe (KELLER, TX) Dec 2, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

Like the title says, this game is a button mashers dream. If you are a button masher that always gets their you know what handed to you in fighting games by those guys that spend time learning the moves, then here is your great equalizer. The graphics are good. The surroundings are nice, but need to be more reactive to the player. The story line and upgrades need to be vastly improved. I say it was worth a play, but could never be compared to Tekken or Mortal Combat.

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