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King of Clubs: Mini-Golf


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"Clubs" to avoid

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 23, 2008

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King of Clubs could've been a good game; the introductory cut scene is very spontaneous and hilarious (guy doing Elvis is pitch perfect).
But once I got into the game, all of the inventiveness and humor evaporated, and King of Clubs turned into a standard Minature Golf game.
You don't play as any of the six guys in that cut scene. Instead, you play as a guy dressed from around the 1960's. As you play, all your character does is putt, complain and/or cheer. There's no more funny interactions between players nor any more great cut scenes.
Sure, I could play through all 90 holes (which is a lot) by myself or against the AI. But the hole design is bad; the only obstacles you face are hills, vastly huge water hazards, moving walls and squares that speed up your ball. I wanted more ingenuity here. How about slaying a dragon, teleporting, or getting zapped by a laser?
I could opt for stroke or timer play, but all I'll get for winning is fake money, lousy looking medals, and worthless records.
The money can be used to buy better clubs, and specially powered balls. But they don't make up for the bland hole design.
The mechanics of the swing are clunky and the power bar is hard to understand. The first quarter of the bar is 3 units, the second is 9 units, the third is 12 units and the fourth is 24 units. Why? Why could they just make each quarter of the power bar the same length?
Playing with friends using stroke play or against the clock adds some shelf life to King of Clubs, but you can find better multi player games than this.
Unless you are a die hard Putt Putt fan, skip this lackluster effort.

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Not bad

posted by dysownd (COHASSET, MN) Feb 18, 2009

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The game is not bad, granted, I am a big fan of golf games, BUT, I isn't that good either. There are only a couple of issues I have with it : 1. the game isn't really that exciting or "eye-catching" and 2. it is very repetitive. there is no real significant point to the game but, it is fun to play for an hour or so. I don't know why but it does get boring kind of quick.

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Don't even bother!

posted by ReDDoG1083 (PRATTVILLE, AL) Mar 18, 2010

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I am a mini-golf enthusiast and currently own 3 mini golf games on the wii along with one on the 360 and I found nothing entertaining about this game. I had high hopes for it to be sort of like the XBOX360 Arcade 3-D MiniGolf, but i was WRONG!! The graphics were crummy! The mechanics were crummy! The music was crummy! There was only one good thing about this game that made it stand out from the others which is the ability to control the camera and view the entire course up close. You are much better off with Kidz Sports MiniGolf 2.

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