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Don't Overlook this Game!

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Nov 8, 2006

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You do not need to play Killzone on the PS2 to understand this game. The underlying story is one we've all heard before (think "Medal of Honor" in he future, except the Helghast are the new Nazis). In fact, crossing over into the isometric stance from the run-of-the-mill first person shooter, this game really distinguishes itself apart.
The production values are top-notch, from the opening cinematic and the sound.
The different weapons allow different tactics, from the general-purpose assault rifles to long-range (but slow) sniper rifles to short-range (but fast) machine pistols. You'll need to decide too because the enemy A.I. will not wait. They are aggressive, fight in groups and take cover (something certain first person shooters haven't mastered yet).
You can man machines of war as well. The tank is particularly satisfying, as you have both machine guns and cannon. Gun turrets are fun too.
Some light RPG elements are incorporated via mini-game challenges that earn you points towards new or enhanced abilities (e.g. carry more grenades which is very important).
Speaking of grenades, they are very easy to use and very satisfying to see several Helghast flip through the air ragdoll physics style. You'll hear "Grenade!" before it's too late.
Multi-player deathmatching is a new experience, especially from the non first-person perspective.
My only qualms are that your character can't jump (although he dodge and strafe). Also, a default pistol sidearm (even limited in ammo) would be welcome. The firefights get hectic and sometimes the assault rifle ammo looks a little low, worse if you have the low-capacity sniper rifle (even though there are weapons literally everywhere). The A.I. at times seemed a little too smart, as they sometimes saw my unseen outflanking maneuvers.
Overall, this is one of the best games available on the PSP.

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I'm a Girl

posted by LamiaAngel (ROXBURY, MA) Jan 19, 2007

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Okay so I think this game is FREAKING awesome! Why? Well the graphics kick butt and you can still get shot when you go into the change your weapon mode, you get the best weapons and you can go stealth!!! I usually don't like shooting games But this one I am buying ASAP. Make sure you don't get caught unless you have the upper hand as you go farther into the game things get harder. Remember to change you weapons according to distance or prey and range::screams:: Crossbows!

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Very Good

Killzone: Liberation Review

posted by Simshaffer (MANHEIM, PA) Jan 29, 2007

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I personally give this gave an 8 out of 10. The game play is good and details are great but there are some downfalls of the game. For starters, its hard, even on easy which can be a turn off for some gamers. Second the game play can get kind of boring after a while because most of the levels look the same, also the levels can be kind of long and tedious. The weapons in the game are amazing all though the constant reloading and the reloading times can be annoying the different types of weapons are pretty cool. The story line is pretty good and thought out. If you keep dying, the levels can get pretty annoying and boring after a while and they don't change, so if you cant beat it, you cant. The boss levels are hard yet in a fun way because they are pretty unique. In my review the game may have sounded pretty bad but it is a good game, i recommend you to rent it because it is a good shooter game with a cool different angle that the game is played in. It is definitely a game worth renting in my view, i hope this review helped you think about the game and your decision.

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