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Dont miss this!

posted by Assassino (LIBERTY, MO) Feb 22, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

Killzone, a creative turn to war as you may have known from previous killzones. This game, it makes the war come real to you. The graphics (Wich are not everything) Are... Are brilliant! The Animations are great! Online play is super fun, Big maps, make for better ways to trap the enemy and ambush, just watch your back. And single player, a great story. I dont have much information as i just played the first mission, but just get the game, its the best thing since sliced Br... BACON!

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Very Good

The best Killzone game yet!

posted by reaper_x54 (CANTON, IL) Jun 17, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Killzone 3 is by far my favorite game out of the Killzone series. I found Killzone 1 to be frustrating and just not fun to play. Killzone 2 was alot better but the controls were a bit sluggish. But Killzone 3 got it all right! The story mode actually received alot of bad reviews because of the way the story was told. But I rather enjoyed it! If your looking to play Kz3 don't expect another COD game. You cannot even compare it to Cod. It's completely different but still alot of fun! The story mode can be completed in around 4 hours (my completion time) and expect to experience alot of variety in the missions! Such as Jet packs, APC's, ships and more! Now on to the multiplayer. I enjoy the online part of kz3 alot! So here are the pros and cons.

-Alot diff. than the norm FPS games these days.
-All of the classes are alot of fun and offer diff. variety.
-Amazing graphics!
-You feel the bullets hitting people, immersed in the gameplay!
-Split Screen Co-Op! (Thank god)

-I end up having alot of trouble with matchmaking.
-Alot of times I don't get into games with more than one or two people.
-The menus are kind of irritating to navigate (and the party system).
-No dedicated servers.
-Steep learning curve (I don't have a problem with it, some do).

All in all I think Killzone 3 is worth the buy! The multiplayer is hard to put down and the Campaign is alot of fun! Enjoy =)

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The Epitamy of shooters. Period.

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) May 26, 2011

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2008

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Killzone 3 is the master of shooters. It combines great gun play, awesome game-play, insane amounts of violence, good story, and lots of freaking awesome guns. Let's start with the the combat. It runs good, although there's the occasional bit of lag when things get crazy hectic, it lasts for just a moment. The guns all handle incredibly well, and they always feel unique and different. The melee take-downs are awesome to watch. Plunging your fingers into some poor aliens eyes NEVER gets old. And the cover mechanics are great! I was constantly surprised at how smooth it works. A rarity in shooters. But, the game can get hard, very hard. I played on Normal and there were around 3 or 5 sequences that drove me CRAZY!! Mostly due to badly arranged checkpoints. But it never got too bad, just when I thought I was gonna break the controller, I got passed it and moved on to another fun-filled scene. And the pacing is superb, a perfect balance of shooting, vehicular sections, and one very memorable stealth chapter.
The story is also surprisingly good. Not great, this is a shooter after all, but the characters are well enough developed that you want them to win. But you don't necessarily care for them lots. Not like Uncharted or Battlefield: Bad Company. And the environmental graphics add to the feeling of being trapped on a hostile planet. But the textures occasionally are a bit blurry.

Pros: Fantastic game-play, very fun and addicting. Gorgeous environments, perfect balance of vehicle sections and gun-play. Gratuitous amounts of violence, rounded out with brutal melee that never gets old. Good story, just deep enough for you to be invested. Amazing cover mechanics and great gun selections. Addictive multi-player and split-screen always rocks!

Cons: Poor checkpoints and dumb deaths. Partner AI isn't that helpful. Textures get a bit foggy, some minor frame rate issues.

Overall, if you like shooters, then defiantly get this game. You will NOT be disappointed. I promise

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