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Not a half bad FPS... But boy is it lame

posted by sparis145x (EASTON, PA) Mar 4, 2011

Member since Jun 2008

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I don't really think this game is worth renting at all. I played through the entire campaign and TBH I had more frustrating moments then enjoyable ones. I will break down my list of pro's and cons for the campaign of this game.

1. Graphics and sound effects are really good looking. Voice overs look and sound really good.

2. The heavy weapons at the end of the game are really powerful and a lot of fun to use.

3. The storyline itself was actually pretty intriguing. I think that if I had possibly played the earlier games I may have given this game a better rating.

4. I really enjoyed the ability to slide into cover. It made closing the gap between cover and your enemies easier and fun.

5. Loved the jet pack... I was surprised as heck when I got it but completely enjoyed it.

1. The dialogue between all of the characters are absolutely horrendous. Cpt. Narville is your typical follow the rules obey orders superior and Chenko and Rico are 2 of the lamest "play by their own rules" characters Ive ever played in any video game. The dialogue is the probably the worst Ive seen in any FPS

2. Idk what they were trying to do with the HUD but I could never tell where i was getting shot from. This way probably the most frustrating point of this game.

3. I don't understand why they did some of the things they did with taking cover. For example, when your in cover you can still be hit, however, when an enemy is behind cover your cannot hit them at all... That annoyed me to no end.

4. There is no recoil when you're shooting. All guns should have it, but its point and unload... you don't have to move at all.

5. Driving! There are 2 parts that are just weird and frustrating. One is a high speed chase that just expects you to know where you're going and half the time i crashed. The other was a Mech that felt more clunk then anything else.

All in all this game was pretty mediocre and if there is a KZ4 i will absolutely pass on it without thought

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posted by LocoForte (REDWOOD CITY, CA) Feb 28, 2011

Member since Mar 2007

3 out of 16 gamers (19%) found this review helpful

Lots of great reviews, and yes it is a pretty nice looking game in general. And that's about all the good i can say about it. Even the 'nice looking' wasn't so impressive to me. Additionally, I personally had some technical issues: Move controller wouldn't work, online matchmaking was quite slow, and the game froze on me several times (Disc is mint condition). The sound also falls well short of expectations, i mean the guns all sound nearly the same! Melee is annoying and doesn't actually kill anyone - this was probably on-purpose but it's still annoying. Basically, this PS exclusive merely confirms, yet again, that i hate shooters on the playstation. Discount my 1 for whatever reason you want; for me it's reasonable as the game was back in the mailbox the very next day.

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