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posted by N3xium (DETROIT, MI) Mar 6, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

Ok I want to start by saying that I have played many, many, FPS games and even the famous Halo and Gears of War that would be this game's competition. Let me say Halo and GoW beat Killzone 2 and let me tell you why.
The Good:
-Killzone 2 delivers some great shooting action. If you're looking for a shooter with some intense action than Killzone 2 delivers.

-The sound effects are amazing. Every gun, every footstep, ect. sounds amazing. Some of the best sound I've ever heard.

-Multiplayer has a ton of content.

-The graphics are pretty and make you want to look around while the bullets and bombs are flying around you.

The Bad:

Killzone 2 has very heavy controls, and fans used to Call of Duty or Medal of Honor will likely not enjoy this. They just don't feel natural or "right" even when you play to the end.

I'm not sure if it was because I didn't install the game onto the PS3 but the load times are horrendous. I mean you can be running to the next area and WHAM! you are hit with a loadscreen that lasts for up to a minute or two. This happens more frequently than it should and just takes you out of being "in" the game.

The campaign is mostly ground combat, which is a bad thing in this case, there are 2 missions where you use a vehicle. Even then the vehicle sections don't last long.

Also killzone 2 lacks weapons. Not a lot of variety in the guns. Near the end you get and electricity gun but its only one time.

Overall: Killzone 2 is a decent shooter but doesn't meet the standard set by CoD, GoW, and Halo. It has some great action, graphics, and sound but the stale campaign and frustrating load times make it a rental at best. So this is why I gave it a 6 out of 10.

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posted by JDU1192 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jan 6, 2013

Member since Nov 2005

one of the best FPS I have ever played. great game.

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Really Bad

kill zone 2

posted by donny7 (DEATSVILLE, AL) Dec 6, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

they have ruined this game!! it has nothing to do with the original game! when will they learn to leave wellenough alone ? nomore 2player co-op they did make it multiplayer,witch sucks.if your going to make changes atleast make changes that make them BETTER not worse.killzone 2 was a good game but the makers fixed that butgood!!! thanks for nothing!

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