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War Perfected

posted by MoussaNJ (SOUTH RIVER, NJ) May 11, 2009

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Killzone 2 is far from your average first person shooter, besides the amazing visuals that don't give in throughout the whole game, the gameplay flows like water and really makes you feel like your really pulling the trigger. The unique control system also helps you break away from your average shooter because it will take time to get use too, and practice makes perfect. The hit system is aboustlety insane in campaign mode, theres nothing like unloading a clip into a helghast soldier and watching him have a standing seizure, and even better online when a full 32 player game is in session and a imation of actual war is being performed on your tv screen. Theres nothing like looking over and seeing 3 of your teamates blow away one helghast soldier, because each shot makes the victim twitch a certain way. The best example I can give of the hit system and online play is a personnal experiance, me and two other guys were storming in during a Search and Destory mission (mission objectives change throughout a match online) and we took out two guys from behind, a thrid guy came out and we took him down, as he was falling (the game's gurantee is no two kills will ever look the same) another one of my teamates came up with a shotgun and shot him again, the already dead player's head violently snapped back and smashed into the ground, bounced off and was stuck in a twisted and bloody postion. You can always tell when someone is getting owned online because of how each hit as a mist of blood fly out, so mutiple people on one person just looks sick. This game is truly amazing in everyway and shows the PS3's amazing online capablity

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Please Wait: Loading Review...

posted by Kenkaku (LIVONIA, MI) Jul 1, 2009

Member since May 2009

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It needs to be said: Killzone 2 has by far the worst loading times you'll ever encounter in a videogame. It takes a whole thirty seconds and sometimes more to load a single level, and even then the load times don't end.

You'll go from one battlefield to the next only to be stopped midway by a hidden loading screen which actually makes your game look like it freezes or glitches. There was one instance where it looked like the game glitched and my squad and I couldn't press on, but it was only because it was loading a scripted event where enemies plow through a particular building.

And even when the game actually lets you play, you quickly realize that Killzone 2 is one of the most mundane shooters to ever grasp a console. The biggest loss is the controls. Even with the Precision Aiming option (available through download), there's a half second pause between hitting the control stick and your character actually aiming. Precise aiming is almost impossible because of this, and you'll have a better chance shooting enemies while firing from the hip. Then there's the forced cover system, a system that has you holding the crouch button to hug a wall or obstacle. It sounds bad written down, and it's bad in gameplay. Half the time it kicks in when you don't want it to and vice versa.

Lastly, the presentation. It looked impressive about four years ago when it was announced, but today looks like Call of Duty 4 with all the color taken out while running at half the frame rate. The acting is worse, as your captain sounds like a white guy who lost his teeth trying pathetically hard to be black, and everyone says the worst one liners that WILL make you cringe. One instance had guys talking about their 'mommy's sandwiches,' then there was one part where we were to storm into the office of the enemy's general, and, despite the danger, our captain kicks the door down and decides to about face to say something stupid to us.

It's not funny, believable, or fun. Get a different FPS.

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Above Average

Very Dull Campaign, Descent Mutiplayer

posted by shooterjunkie56 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Jun 27, 2011

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Killzone 2 is by far one of the best looking games of all time, so let me just get that out of the way. I mean it's impossible not be amazed by the games beauty. But amazing graphics don't make a great game and Killzone 2 suffers from issues that keep in the realm of the descent shooter when it tries to be great.

The Good:
Killzone 2 delivers some great shooting action. If you're looking for a shooter with some intense action than Killzone 2 delivers.

The sound effects are amazing. Every gun, every footstep, ect. sounds amazing. Some of the best sound I've ever heard.

Mutliplayer has a ton of content.

The Bad:

Killzone 2 has very heavy controlls, and fans used to Call of Duty or Medal of Honor will likely not enjoy this.

The campaign has some great action but most of the levels look very similar. Similar in a bad way. Mostly colorless buildings and boring set pieces.

The campaign is mostly ground combat, which is a bad thing in this case, there are 2 missions where you use a vehicle. Even then the vehicle sections don't last long.

Also killzone 2 lacks weapns. Not a lot of variety in the guns. Near th end you get and electricity gun but its only one time.

Overall: Killzone 2 is a descent shooter. It has some great actin, graphics, and sound but the stale campaign and bland mutiplayer make it a rental rather than a purchase.

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