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Very Good

outstanding graphics, average gameplay

posted by koolcat (ORLANDO, FL) Jul 29, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

7 out of 10 gamers (70%) found this review helpful

If you are a graphics hound, this is the game to get. Nothing shows off the PS3 quite like this game. Even the mist in the air is beautiful to look at. The enemy AI in this game is also a step up from what you see in other games. They won't sit in one spot and pop up, but will roll and dive into cover. You need to find cover ala Gears of War or Uncharted in order to succeed. To top that all off, the animations of the enemy are the best I've ever seen. In one area, I shot a guard off a balcony only to have him fall from the balcony and get his leg caught between the bars. He hung there swaying back and forth... it was pretty amazing. Another guard came charging at me, dove and did a forward roll and popped up with a knife in hand (I removed his head after that :) ). Speaking of removing heads, get a headshot and their helmet will blow off, then a few more bullets and the rest goes with the helmet.

So why isn't this game a 10? As an FPS, this game is very average. The story has been rehashed time and time again. In fact, I barely recall the story and I finished it last night. The different chapters do the expected FPS - a tank battle, warehouse fighting, outdoor fighting. Nothing too stunning or memorable.

The difficulty is about par for an FPS. The last chapter can be tough and the boss battle at the end was somewhat frustrating. It relied a bit on luck as if you are caught reloading at the wrong time it is lights out (don't want to spoil it though).

This game is highly recommended if you are into FPS's. It is also something you should experience just to see the beauty and great work put into the game.

I haven't gone online with it, so seek out other reviews for that portion.

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GF Rating


its like having crisis on your ps3

posted by BlooDleter (OCALA, FL) Feb 28, 2009

Member since Jul 2006

39 out of 61 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

this game is sweet every moment is action packed the details the framrate all top of the line the a.i. is very smart i remeber i was peaking over a guard rail and there was a helgast soilder below so i went into cover cause a helgast from across the building was shoting a rpg so when i came back out of cover looking to take the helgast soilder from below he was gone all of sudden i heard this messed up breathing i turned around that same helagst soilder climed at least 8 storys to come get me i was like holy craaaa p thats sick the storys is amazing multiplayer is great its like fps shoter meets mmo on the multiplayer you build your stats up and you get medals that increase your rate of fire on guns your speed your runing your accuracy by the way uncheck 720P in your display settings so you can get lost in 1080p goodness and thats about it it looks beautiful it plays amazing the sixaxsis is used to the t and once you start playing you will forget about the outside world lol thankyou and enjoy

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posted by jmb1usm (MIDLOTHIAN, VA) Jul 3, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

10 out of 15 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Not many games I've played in my many years playing video games (since the Atari 2600 days) have had those "WOW" moments. You know what I mean, like the first time you played God of War and you faced Poseidon on the top of the ship. You knew you were in for a wild ride. Killzone2 had many of those such moments. Sure, I could bore you with common review phrases praising the tight control, the kind that rivals CallofDuty-MC, the beautiful detail in the graphics, the addictive Online multiplayer (that gives you the option to play with others of like skill), and the impressive audio. All that is true. But, when you cut your thumb trying to be a chef two days earlier (you know, the "one inch smiley-face cut on the bottom tip of your thumb that wouldn't stop bleeding" kind) and you can't put the controller down, even though you are in pain and bleeding through 3 bandaids...that's when you know you are playing an awesome game.

I could only only choose between a rating of 9 or 10, but if I had more choices, 9.5 would be a more acurate rating. Not revolutionary, but a must have for any action/shooter fans.

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