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The NEW shooter to beat!

posted by PSForLife (ONTARIO, NY) Feb 28, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

31 out of 45 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

Killzone 2 is by far the best game I've played on ps3 so far. It is absolutely amazing and I love it! The games starts with you just awaking from a nice nap on a starship and the next thing you know you are in the middle of a battle between the ISA and the mighty Helghast. You must battle your way around the city and complete objectives. Like taking out certain posts or helping out your ISA buddies being torn to shreds. The campaign is very action oriented and fast-paced and there are plenty of Helghast to gun down. But the campaign will only take about 8-10 hours which is somewhat shorter than what I expected. With how long they've been making this game you would think it would be the longest game in history. But with all the action on the battlefield you won't be thinking about the length of the game, trust me. You will probably be thinking more about what you want to do to the huge Helghast soldier that just came out in front of you with a very bug gun. The campaign is also surprisingly cover-based, if you run out in the open, guns blazing, you will die. This is very different than that of the first but it is a very good thing, it goes along with this game's sense of realistic controls. The controls make you feel like you are actually carrying a lot of gear and a heavy gun. They take a while to get used to, but once you are used to them you will agree that they are far superior than that of any shooter. But if you are playing or plan on playing online then you may want to turn the sensitivity way up in the main menu options because the realistic feeling controls also make your guy turn very slowly, and if you have ever played online before, you know this will be the death of you. Speaking of online, it is by far the best online set up I have ever played on. There are so many little details that make it so amazing. Like how you can choose a game with certain missions, like Body Count and Assassination and games can even have all the missions in one. -10 out of 10-

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Good solid FPS

posted by bigkirk (METAIRIE, LA) Jul 30, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

Killzone2 offers a very good FPS experience. The weapons are very advanced and powerful. I love the heat seeking grenades and the shotgun for close combat. I think the graphics in high def are really nice. I really like the controller configuations and the use of the movement sensors when opening valves and setting explosives. A few problems that I have. It should not take a whole clip from an SMG to down a drone solider. I guess that is why the weapons caches and ammo dumps are every few feet. There is no tutorial which I would have liked being new to the Killzone title. All in all though it is a really good game.

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Very Good

Killzone 2

posted by zenubio (FARMINGTON, MN) Mar 1, 2009

Member since Aug 2003

21 out of 32 gamers (66%) found this review helpful

Many reviews said you didn't need to play Killzone 1 to play Killzone 2 and they were right (I watched someone play through the walkthrough to get the back story). There isn't much tie in to the previous stories.

Like every other review has stated, this game is gorgeous, but has a huge flaw, the controls. The default controls the developer selected were horrid. There's no way you could zoom, cover, and aim with their default controls. So many people complained about this in the beta, and I just can't believe it still went through like this. Thankfully you can customize the controls to be similar to any other FPS shooter game out there, but there's still an issue with the sensitivity. The developers wanted to add more realism to the game so the guns are weighted differently which is very difficult to get used to. I played with the sensitivity settings all through the game couldn't find one that worked for me.

There's huge glitches here, you'd barely move the controls and the crosshairs wouldn't move, but then you move it a bit more and it's all over the map. Aiming was a HUGE chore and killed the entire experience for me. I think the PS3 controller is to blame for part of it (I never have really liked it compared to the Xbox 360), but most of the blame is on the developers. I get that they wanted realism, but just play the game you'll understand that it's wrong.

I own both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and have played many FPS on the hardest difficulty setting and playing this game on easy was NOT a cakewalk.

This game would be in my top 5 if it wasn't for these controls.

Here's where the game was successful. It's gorgeous, performs well with minimal loading (screen freezes occasionally to load, but it isn't a big deal). The sound was done very well.

What seperates it from the rest is the enemy AI is very intelligent. They aren't cheap but they are smart. They'll wait until you stop shooting to run, they'll flank, etc. Lastly, they "immersed" you in war.

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