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posted by Suspect (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Mar 1, 2009

Member since Jun 2004

Fellow PS3 owners your Halo Killer has finally arrived. This is by far the best FPS i have Played thus far on any console. I can openly say as a 360 owner and fanboy of Halo, that this game crushes any Halo by a long shot. Graphics are absolutely breath taking. Controls are excellent. do not believe any of the reviews here that say other wise.

the controls are fully customizable but be warned that the game uses the motion function much like the wiimote and moving the controller in most cases will throw off your aim.Also note that this is not a pray and spray game. the aiming is very realistic and shooting in 3 round bursts is a must if you want to hit your targets.

for you COD lovers out there I recommend the alternative 2 control set up which makes the controls strikingly similar to COD4. This is truly an amazing game with double the length of COD and a fantastic storyline. this one is a Must Buy Hands down!

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posted by ZeroPain (SEAL BEACH, CA) Feb 28, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

KILLZONE 2 is probably one of the most hyped games in history besides Halo 3. Its first trailer showed unbelievable graphics and Sony said it was all gameplay footage but it turned out to be a CG trailer. Now it has finally arrived and it disappoints slightly. The Visuals aren't as good as Sony said they would be but it's still the best looking game on the market because of it's great lighting, details, and environments. The Story takes about nine to ten hours to beat which is a disappointment but you'll probably forget it and its characters anyway. The sound in this game is fantastic it's voice work is a little bit bad but some of the main characters like the enemy leader Visari is done extremely well. It's sound of gunshots and explosions in battle plus it's fantastic musical score are great. The Part where KILLZONE 2 really shines is in it's great multiplayer. It's fun and simple because of gametypes like Warzone which is basically a very long game because your objectives keep on changing so you will be playing Team Deathmatch then it will suddenly switch to Search and Destroy to Assassination. It's leveling up system is like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's leveling up system it rewards you points for kills and then you unlock new weapons when you level up. Also like Call of Duty 4 there is a certain weight to the game that makes it more realistic like when you jump you cant jump that high like in call of duty and you can fell that also when your just running or sprinting. This is a complaint it's actually a compliment because it makes the game more realistic. KILLZONE 2 is a must buy for PS3 owners and if you don't have a PS3 you should get one just for this game. It's a game with great graphics that are just the best on any platform, fantastic sound, great story, addictive multiplayer, and gameplay that ups the bar for a First Person Shooter so it's definitely a must buy. KILLZONE 2 gets a 10/10 hands down.

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The New Standard

posted by CBiscuit (KANSAS CITY, MO) Feb 28, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

All I can say is wow. Let me start off by saying that even if Killzone 2 had the worst music, control scheme, sound and A.I. It wouldn't matter because the graphics are so incredible. It is like playing a movie. Fortunately though Killzone does not rely solely on the graphics to keep the game afloat. The A.I is clever, and swarms of helgast always try to flank you and use grenades to flush you out. The sound is fantastic and the music does an excellent job of creating an atmosphere as chaos and desolation. I do however have some issues with the controls. Although there are several options the all but one of them involves using R3 for zoom, which can slow you down when you need to do some quick in and out in tight corners. The other scheme which uses L1 to zoom also require you to use L2 to stick to cover, which you need a lot, and using both of these not only feels awkward but starts to hurt your hand after awhile. Your squad mates are also annoying with their constant comments, and telling you to get to cover if you shot even once gets old quick. The story is decent but forgettable, but it hardly matters because the whole experience is so cinematic it really drives itself forward. Aside some minor annoyances this is a fantastic game, which I feel comfortable saying is the best looking shooter yet by far.

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