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Killer IS Dead

posted by Se7enth_Pr0ph3t (PHOENIX, AZ) Nov 25, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

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I gave this title a very generous 6. Sadly I had been waiting for this underground title to release and was very disappointed in its presentation. Although the artwork was more than impressive, with its cell-shaded like animations, the storyline does not hold up very well. The plot itself has too many holes in it and has a very touch-and-go feel as you complete each episode. Even the combat engine leaves much to be desired. Its almost like a very poor attempt at emulating the combat system from Metal Gear Rising, a title I encourage anyone to play if you want a satisfying alternative hack-n-slash. Overall I would definitely give this title another shot if a sequel were attempted but with an all too biased opinion. With its many downfalls the game does offer enough substance to complete the game however I was almost excited to seal this and send it back.

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Do they even make turbo controllers for 360?

posted by Jinto_Hyacinth (NEWMAN, CA) Sep 29, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Killer is Dead is the latest game coming from Suda 51 and team.
For those that have played No more Heroes for the Wii then you should be familiar with the combat immediately. The game plays exactly like No More Heroes which is both good and bad.

The Good: The combat is fast paced and keeps you alert at all times, same game play mechanics from NMH can be found here. Slashing, sideswiping to dodge and find an enemy opening, and quick melee attack that drops the defenses of weaker enemies. Also the dark cel shading graphics are amazing.

The Bad: Expect to spam the sideswiping technique a lot, as in practically every encounter, most of the time I set it off without even meaning to. The melee attack is done with the "Y" button but in my opinion should have been "B" like NMH which makes controls annoying at first and no you cannot change the button layout.
The game seems like it should have came with a turbo controller because this game appears to have a button mashing fetish. The second boss fight with "David" was amazing up to the part with the button mashing portion which then ruins the experience immediately. Also if you die there is a chance your assistant can revive you and continue the fight. How do you get her to revive you? Button Mashing....and if you mess up once as in your finger slips or don't keep a quick pace your screwed.

Is Killer is Dead a great game? No
Is it horrible....well No, there are things about it that are enjoyable.

Simply put Killer is Dead is to Suda 51's reputation just like how Cars 2 is to Pixar's reputation. It doesn't deserve to be burned at the stake but it won't be something your going to be going back to once your done.

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Really Bad

What the Fudge

posted by undecided (FEASTERVILLE TREVOSE, PA) Dec 12, 2014

Member since Nov 2012

Story makes no sense even by crazy japanese standards on how ridiculous japanese games can be. tries to be an open world game but its really just a super linear mission based game, with some okay-ish control scheme and pretty nice graphics. just like ESCAPE DEAD ISLAND achievements are not very difficult. and honestly this game needs to come down in price.

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