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Killer 7


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Gameplay Controls

Killer 7
GamePlay: Play through the Tutorial at the beginning of the game to learn how to control your character.

Directional Buttons Up = Move. Down = 180 Degree Turn. Left/Right = Junction Select.
X Button Move Forward (Hold). Decide.
Triangle Button Quick Turn (While Moving Forward)
Square Button Use Special Skill. Adjust Charge Level.
Circle Button Open Map
L1 Button Scan for Enemies (With R1 Held)
R2 Button Change Camera Perspective
R1 Button Aim Weapon Mode
Start Button Skip Cutscene. Sub Menu.
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Junction Select. Aim Weapon
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Reload Weapon (Push Any Direction)
Combo #1 R1 + Any Direction = Switch Target When Aiming Weapon
Combo #2 R1 + X = Attack
Combo #3 R1 + Triangle = Close Range Target Lock
Combo #4 R1 + Circle = Counter Attack (When Enemy is Close)
Combo #5 R1 + L1 = Scan for Enemies (You Won't See Enemies Until You Scan)