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Killer 7

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Also on:PS2
GF Rating

900 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Killer 7
GamePlay: Play through the Tutorial at the beginning of the game to learn how to control your character.

Control Stick Targeting (Move Sights When Aiming With R Button)
Control Pad Target Toggle (Switch Targets When Aiming With R Button)
A Button Move Forward (Hold). Decide.
B Button Quick Turn (While Moving Forward)
X Button Open Map
Y Button Use Special Skill. Adjust Charge Level.
Z Button Change Camera Perspective
L Button Scan for Enemies (With R Button Held)
R Button Aim Weapon Mode
C Stick Reload Weapon
Start/Pause Skip Cutscene. Sub Menu.
Combo #1 R Button + Any Direction = Switch Target When Aiming Weapon
Combo #2 R Button + A = Attack
Combo #3 R Button + B = Close Range Target Lock
Combo #4 R Button + X = Counter Attack (When Enemy is Close)
Combo #5 R Button + L Button = Scan for Enemies (You Won't See Enemies Until You Scan)