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Shoot first and ask A LOT of questions later

posted by ADH093 (TAKOMA PARK, MD) Jul 1, 2006

Member since Nov 2005

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I don't know where Suda 51 came up with this game, except I'd hate to see his nightmares. I'm not an aficionado of the horror genre, but I've played a few, and none scared me as much as this one.
First, gameplay. The shooting is a similar system to Capcom's recent success Resident Evil 4. You stand still and shoot from the first person. The movement is similar to... well, nothing. You move on rails by holding A and change directions with a flick of the control stick. Why? Well, let's face it: cinematic gameplay is a oxymoron, because game characters run spasticly, like they don't know where they're going. Or at least they used to. This system also allows for very interesting camera angles that normally would interfere with gameplay.
Second, story. This is the part that makes you want to keep playing, so if you're not into that, go rent Grand Theft Auto XVIII: Saturn.
That's not to say Killer7 doesn't offer its share of mindless shooting, but the reason you keep playing is because you want to know what in the name of God is going on. How can Garcian Smith turn into seven people by watching TV? And who's Travis Bell, or this Iwazaru character?
And even once you do beat the game, don't expect everything to unfold easily. You're going to have to think, so be ready for it.
Many have said it, but I'll say it again: NOT. FOR. KIDS. REALLY. I know other games have taught us Mature means "more than eleven," but this one will traumatize you if you're not ready for it. More than the violence, which censors nothing; the game is simply dark, and parts of it are weird enough to blow your mind regardless.
This game is for people willing to think outside the box, and if that's not you, I say again, don't waste your time. If it is, then cheers! You're one of the few.

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Sticks to Your Brain Like Peanut Butter

posted by conman (SOUTH BEND, IN) Sep 15, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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I didn't realize how much I liked this game until long after I'd played through it. This game haunts you. It follows you. When you least expect it, it'll pop into your thoughts.

I have to admit, if you think too much about what you're doing while you're playing the game, you might think it's tedious or repetitive. My advice? Don't think about it. This is a game you must simply experience.

It plays like a crazy dream. To try and describe it in detail makes it seem less amazing than it actually is (just like a dream). Play it alone. Late at night. Not because it's scary (which it can be), but because you just might start to think you dreamed the whole thing.

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Bizarre, Original, and Brilliant

posted by aedwards (MALONE, NY) Apr 21, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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Those of you who have not played this game have likely seen the screenshots- but even these do not do justice to show just how bizarre and unusual this game is.
This game has a trippy and surreal atmosphere- one that is designed to confuse you and force you to question just what is going on. For example, you switch characters by stopping off in "save" rooms and switching through TV channels, each channel features one of the 7 personalities. When you swap personalities, the old character either disintegrates into particles or blurs out like on a tv screen. The entire experience jars the senses and makes you think whether or not the events you are witnessing in the game are real, inside the characters' heads, or some combination of the two.
The gameplay experience as you go through the levels is similarly bizarre and surreal. One of the characters opens new areas by slitting her writs and spraying blood to reveal the hidden area. Throughout the game, you are visited by images of dead persons whom the Killer 7 syndicate has dispatched.
While artistic design and atmosphere can contribute to any game, only good gameplay mechanics will make the game worth playing. Here, Killer 7 does just fine. The game is essentially a shooter, with puzzles added to diversify the experience. All in all, it fares well.
In short, this game comes highly recommended as far as I'm concerned. The balanced gameplay complements a truly strikingly original artistic design. While the gameplay is clever and stimulating enough to keep a gamer's attention, the nightmare-ishly original atmosphere will keep you hooked. Once you get into the game, you will be intrigued by the disturbing and provoking imagery into playing further- just to figure out what is going on. The whole experience is so unusual that I simply cannot think of any other game to compare it to. Killer 7 is truly an experience unlike any other.

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