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Kid Icarus: Uprising


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GF Rating


One of the best games ever

posted by Nathor99 (LIVINGSTON, MT) Jul 15, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

This game is amazing you will mostly enjoys every bit of perfect game play this game has to offer put this game in your game q now

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GF Rating


The best

posted by Genel (MABLETON, GA) Jun 21, 2014

Member since May 2014

This might be the best game i played on the 3ds it got everything you would want from a game.You even get to play as dark pit.This is a good game i recommend this game.

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Great game once you learn the controls

posted by Nite0wl8 (CINCINNATI, OH) Jun 13, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

Kid Icarus: Uprising is the first entry in the Kid Icarus series in over 20 years. We join Pit in his quest to defeat the forces of the Underworld and restore peace to the region.

One thing this game has really going for it is that it is unique. I have never played a game quite like this one. The missions are a mixture of flying scenes and ground scenes. The flying scenes are my favorite. It is better than a light gun shooter, because in those types of games you can only shoot, whereas in this game you can both shoot and dodge.

The biggest drawback to this game are the controls. Needing to use the touch screen to guide aiming (flying scenes) or the camera (land scenes) is confusing at first. Younger gamers will get frustrated. But if you can be patient with learning a new control scheme, it is worth it.

Each mission features almost constant dialogue from the characters. Often they talk about important mission objectives, but sometimes they sway from the task and start talking about completely random stuff. The game has an odd sense of humor that I didn't get for the most part. But this is only a minor annoyance.

The gameplay features a ton of customization options. Not only are there many different types of weapons, but you can actually fuse different weapons together to make new weapons. I used a different weapon for every mission and still had many more to choose from.

The game has an ingenious way of continuing that more games should use. If you die, you can continue the mission at a lower difficulty level. This way, you are not doomed to die again and again on a mission that is just too difficult.

The game pays homage to the original NES game by featuring music from the game along with screenshots of how the characters looked in the classic.

The game was created by the same developer as Super Smash Bros., so naturally the game is filled with extras and challenges to complete.

Overall, a unique and well made game. Definitely recommended.

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