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A wonky control scheme kills this game...

posted by Senorsnoo (PALM COAST, FL) Jun 25, 2012

Member since Apr 2010

This game looks awesome, but goodgod these are awful controls. Air battles are fine, and feel like Star Fox, which I love. Once you get down onto the ground, however, movement is awful. Controlling the camera with the stylus is very difficult, especially when you need to turn quickly (a quick flick will turn you around, but controlling precisely where you face is the challenge).

On the plus side, the game is very entertaining when it's not incredibly frustrating. The dialog is humorous and self-aware, although some of the best lines come at a time when you're preoccupied shooting things.

I didn't try out the multiplayer, so I can't speak for that. The controls pushed me away before I could get too deep.

Unfortunately, the game just isn't all that fun.

This is why I'm thankful for Gamefly. If I would have bought this game, I would have been a bit disappointed in myself.

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posted by jaketheduke (ANNAPOLIS, MD) Jun 19, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

control: this is the game's worst aspect the control is really bad walking is fine but the way it's set up is a slight problem 4/10.
plot: the plot is pretty simple but intresting i don't want to spoil anything 8/10.
charecters: thier great thier funny well developted and cool 9/10.
graphics: there stunning everything look's great. the background is just amazing the charecters look good no great 10/10
gameplay: the most important part. the game play is half starfox. half i don't know but the air sections are the best but land is almost as fun 9.7/10
replay: there is two treasure hunts 9 difficulty setting's (each has diffrent rewards) a power portrait and tons of weapons 9.8/10.
easy buy

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posted by lostthegame (JENISON, MI) Jun 13, 2012

Member since Dec 2011

Sometimes I would spend hours playing this game at night, I find it a fun fast moving game, especially the multiplayer.

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