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posted by rayquazarules (COMMERCE CITY, CO) Jun 26, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

i loved this game! great grafics and it is full of action. 5 stars

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Pit's Excellent Return(with tips on controls)

posted by scubasmashz (SHREVEPORT, LA) Jun 25, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

If you want a great game for your 3DS game library, than this is a must have. Kid Icarus hasn't had a new title in about 25 years, and Nintendo didn't want this game to be average. What we got was an amazing game that will keep you occupied for a LONG time.
The main story starts off simple. Medusa, the queen of the Underworld, has mysteriously come back after 25 years and wants to take over the world. The only person standing in her way is the game's protagonist, Pit, a young angel who serves Palutena, the goddess of light. Throughout the story you will meet many characters, and just when you think the story is over, it reveals even more stuff(which I will not mention, for it will spoil it) and eventually leads to a plot twist not seen in a Nintendo game since LoZ OoT. It also has voice acting, which may not seem like much, but is actually a rarity for a game published by Nintendo.
One bad thing, though, is that they HARDLEY EVER STOP TALKING. Seriously, sometimes, when they stop talking, I feel a wave of bliss wash over me so I can listen to the sounds of weapon fire and the amazing music.
Speaking of which, the music is amazing. The gameplay is split into 2 sections: a starfox-style flying segment, and a ground based section. The controls can be annoying, holding it with one hand. But there are 2 solutions. The first one is to use your left hand to hold the left side, like normal, and put the right side between your right hand's pinkie and ring finger, then use the stylus like a pencil. The second option is to use the plastic stand the game comes with. There are nine types of weapons you can collect, each with its own strenghts and weaknessess.
There is also a multiplayer section, where you can play with people nearby or online. It's very fun, with team based and free for all gametypes. There are also Idols, which are bascialy figures of the games different characters,enemies,weapons,etc. It also has a achievment-like system. This is a must have for any 3DS ow

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Above Average

A wonky control scheme kills this game...

posted by Senorsnoo (PALM COAST, FL) Jun 25, 2012

Member since Apr 2010

This game looks awesome, but goodgod these are awful controls. Air battles are fine, and feel like Star Fox, which I love. Once you get down onto the ground, however, movement is awful. Controlling the camera with the stylus is very difficult, especially when you need to turn quickly (a quick flick will turn you around, but controlling precisely where you face is the challenge).

On the plus side, the game is very entertaining when it's not incredibly frustrating. The dialog is humorous and self-aware, although some of the best lines come at a time when you're preoccupied shooting things.

I didn't try out the multiplayer, so I can't speak for that. The controls pushed me away before I could get too deep.

Unfortunately, the game just isn't all that fun.

This is why I'm thankful for Gamefly. If I would have bought this game, I would have been a bit disappointed in myself.

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