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Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

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Also on:Xbox, PS2, GBA
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Gameplay Controls

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

Control Pad Paddle
A Button Jump
B Button Carve (while turning)
X Button Duck Dive (must be laying on board and facing wave)/Grab Turns
Y Button Stand Up/Tail slide (while using control pad)

Control Stick Stall (press)/Super stall (double tap press
Control Pad Stall (press)/Super stall (double tap press
X Button Snap turn (double tap at wave lip)
Y Button Floater (hold and release at lip of wave)
L Button Quick Cuts (to center inside tube)
R Button Quick Cuts (to center inside tube)
Combo #1 Air Tricks: Launch into the air and press any direction on the Control Pad and the X or B Button simulatenously
Combo #2 Flip Trick: Jump then press a diagonal arrow on the Control Pad + B Button
Combo #3 Grab Tricks: jump, press any direction in the Control Pad + X Button
Combo #4 Face Tricks: Double tap X, B or Y Buttons to perfrom tricks while riding the face of the wave
Combo #5 Entering the tube: When near the tube, slow down by stalling to enter the tube.
Combo #6 Tube Tricks: When in the tube, press any direction on the Control Pad + Y
Combo #7 Tube Balance: Press X Button to grab rail and improve balance

Control Stick Speed Up/When holding Jump, pressing up will cancel (Up)/Turn
Control Pad Speed Up/When holding Jump, pressing up will cancel (Up)/Turn
A Button Jump
B Button Carve/Snaps
X Button Grab Turns
Y Button Floater
Z Button Rear view camera
C Stick Cash in combo points (up)
Start/Pause Pause Menu

B Button Rebound/Snap near Lip of wave (double tap)
X Button Tail Chuck (double tap)
Y Button Revert Cutback (double tap)
Combo #1 Lay Back Slide: Y + B
Combo #2 Gouge: B + Y

Control Stick Rotate (right/left)
Control Pad Spin (left/right)
B Button Flip Tricks
X Button Grab Tricks
Y Button Exit moves in air (double tap)
L Button Rotate Left
R Button Rotate Right

Combo #1 Lien Air: Up + B Button
Combo #2 Shove This: Diagonal Up Left + B Button
Combo #3 Judo Air: Left+ B Button
Combo #4 Heel Flip: Diagonal Down Left + B Button
Combo #5 Stalefish Grab: Down + B Button
Combo #6 Kick Flip: Diagonal Down Right + B Button
Combo #7 Method Grab: Right + B Button
Combo #8 Shove It: Diagonal Up Right + B Button

Combo #1 Nose Grab: Up + X Button
Combo #2 Nuclear Grab: Diagonal Up Left + X Button
Combo #3 Indy Grab: Left+ X Button
Combo #4 Melon Grab: Diagonal Down Left + X Button
Combo #5 Tail Grab: Down + X Button
Combo #6 Mute Grab: Diagonal Down Right + X Button
Combo #7 Roast Beef: Right + X Button
Combo #8 Rocket Grab: Diagonal Up Right + X Button

A Button Speed Up
X Button Grab Rail
Y Button Used for Tricks
L Button Quick Cut Left
R Button Quick Cut Right
Combo #1 One Hand Roof Drag: Up + Y Button
Combo #2 Christ Tube: Diagonal Up Left + Y Button
Combo #3 One Hand Drag: Left+ Y Button
Combo #4 Two Hand Drag: Diagonal Down Left + Y Button
Combo #5 Foot Drag: Down + Y Button
Combo #6 Grab 'n' Drag: Diagonal Down Right + Y Button
Combo #7 Layback Drag: Right + Y Button
Combo #8 Two Hand Roof Drag: Diagonal Up Right + Y Button
Combo #9 Tube Split: Up (double tap) + Y Button