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Love this game!!

posted by CritScott (QUAKERTOWN, PA) Nov 23, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

Funny, good music, hilarious Japanese styling every where, but also a visual wonderland. The story lines never cease to amaze me. Where do they come up with this stuff!?! I tend to favor the non-bloody, non-war mongering types games so I really went for this one.
Gameplay: obviously the main drive is the gameplay. I was impressed and delighted with the originality and interesting goal of rolling a ball through huge rooms full of [stuff!?] Various levels of [stuff!?] make this so interesting, fun, and creative. You get to roll the ball using L + R picking up the right sized things to reach the goals of time, size, etc and the characters are like "out-of-this world" The king and queen were hard to figure out but they are funny and whimsical throughout the levels with their dialogue.
The colors, sounds, artistic display on each level gave an entire 3-D feel to this completely unique title!!

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GF Rating



posted by noodle37 (JERSEY CITY, NJ) Sep 6, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

Why isn't it for sale? It is my current game out, and I wanna keep it

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Very Good

As Faithful to Katamari as Conceivably Possible

posted by Omrikon (NEW HYDE PARK, NY) Apr 13, 2011

Member since Jul 2005

Gameplay: 7 (Interesting but repetitive)
Graphics: 9 (Expectedly cute and blocky)
Sound: 8 (Same type of music as the rest)
Originality: 5 (Lots of rehashed levels, some new stuff though)
Story: 7 (Quirky but simple)
Replayability: 10 (Pretty much the whole game)
Completion Difficulty: Irritating

Katamari Forever is basically all of the older Katamari games rolled into one with an extra few levels and mechanics sprinkled on top, such as the ability to jump on non-Classic mode.

Nonetheless, the game manages to preserve the concept of Katamari faithfully, and the characters and storyline remain as odd as ever. This time around, the King has fallen into a deep amnesiatic sleep/coma and cannot do his job. As the Prince (or some cousin), you must help Roboking while simultaneously trying to restore the kings memories.

There are quite a few levels, all centered around the usual Katamari idea of rolling up as much as possible, though some incorporate limitations in terms of size, time, and points based on types of objects rolled up.

However, there are 4 different modes of rolling. Aside from Katamari Forever, which is available on every level, numerous levels have Katamari Drive, Eternal Katamari, and Classic Katamari as well. As such, completing the game and getting all of the achievements/trophies requires a lot of replaying of the same levels.

Despite the irritation that arises from attempts to complete it though, Katamari Forever is a rather relaxing game, especially on Eternal mode. Admittedly, certain levels such as Hot Stuff and Camping are more annoying than others, but most are simply a matter of rolling up as much as you can. The grading criteria of the King and Roboking are pretty stringent compared to earlier games, so passing doesn't necessarily mean you've done very well, but the grades are largely unimportant.

Nonetheless, I likely won't buy another Katamari game anytime soon. Completing every single one has Katamari'd me out...

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