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Really Bad

Weird and Confusing

posted by shystermeister (VAN NUYS, CA) Jun 25, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

This game was not at all what I was expecting. It's very crazy, confusing, and weird. The controls are all weird too and the game play is very difficult because of it. I spent 5 minutes on it and sent it back.

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jg reviews katamari forever

posted by battlemage (PLEASANT GROVE, AL) Feb 13, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

Katamari forever is a videogame series that was only to be released in japan but found its way over to the united states threw the ps2 i really never played a katamari game fully ive always seen bits of it threw demos and such but i havent really played it fully and is it good my response kinda. Your given a time saylike three minutes to collect as much junk trees people cows anything in the area when your done or your time is up your jerk of a king father tells you how you did and shuns you if you dident get a decent amount from that katamari you created the gameplay is simple but takes sometime to get used to cause you use both anlog sticks to control the prince the main character of the series and it takes time to enjoy the core game cause you cant just start rolling anything you see it depends on how big or small your katamari is . The story centers on the princes dad falls hits his head and gets knocked out cold so the prince with the help of some of his friends build a robot verison of the king but it goes psycho destroys all the stars which leads you to collect and create the stars again... your real father wakes up eventually which leads to different missons that go back and forth from the actual king to the robot king so the premise of this game hasnt changed in years the controls really take a while to get used to i mean rotating the kaitamari is hard enough its not good its not bad its an okay game if they fixed the controls and the whole time limit system it would be a better and more enjoyable game if they just fixed those two problems iam giving this game a C+ mostly because the gameplay needs to be improved the controls for moving the prince and the katamari need to be fixed or improved whatever word fits better thank you for reading-JG"

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Very disappointing for a Katamari fan

posted by MrHaru (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Oct 21, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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Katamari Forever. Holy cow what a huge disappointment. SO MUCH in fact I physically could not complete the game. seriously, but I tried!

Usually Katamari is designed to look like 2 hours at a playground and childcare center filled with toddlers: lots of things just thrown about and it's MESSY AND CLUTTERED. That's what makes finding things to roll up so strangely satisfying and addicting. This is still true for this game.

Until you get to the last few levels where you are redoing older levels in older Katamari games where instead of having an idea of where to go (because things are so cluttered together you can see what else you haven't picked up) the majority of the items/clutter is spread thin. I got so many "Game Over" screens and it was all because of how terribly placed all the items were. If it were just legitimately a hard level with a different kind of objective I'd get it, but you can't tell me that you granted me a new area to explore and...ugh.

I've played a lot of Katamari and what I'm saying is basically the design minds in this one is EXTREMELY frustrating. ...and y'know, I'd REALLY like this game more if it didn't tell me to go fudge myself for doing the best I could. I get that The King of The Cosmos is supposed to always be pissy and never happy with anything under 100 or 120 scored levels but it's hard finding the joy to try and continue playing when I am literally still being verbally beaten down like it's still supposed to be funny. In reality that's just a nitpick, but it adds to the frustration of dealing with Katamari Forever.

Even the initially appealing visuals of the game eventually irritated me because it felt like a cheap filter put over the screen, and I was not a fan of the B&W levels either.

So it's a shame I won't be buying this game because I seriously had high hopes for it. How could the quality of the game drop so drastically from Beautiful Katamari for the 360??! I don't get it!!

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