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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by Dajisc (ARDMORE, OK) Feb 20, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

18 out of 19 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

I thought it was a good game but not over all.

I'll write Why i liked it first.

Graphics were outstanding. AI was above average but there is a but in there (ill explain in my con section.) Kane and Lynch's humor was interestingly funny. Multiplayer was pretty interesting.

Well back to AI. There were times i wanted to throw the controler at the tv. There would be instances where you are pitted against alot of AI enemies . And the people you have on your side tend to do something stupid like run right out and get shot up instead of useing cover . You have to go and heal them before they die and boom you die . hence the but up top . But they still have there upsides .
Storyline was good untill a certian point. It skipped from one event to another and left the middle to be desired as now your baffled as how they got from point A to C . And you know nothing about B. Ending sucked all the hard work i put into it the teeth grinding and verbal assualts on my TV . There could of been a better ending .

All in all was worth the rental
would i buy it . Not sure really depends on weather or not i feel like i wanna play the multi on it .

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GF Rating


Not as bad as some say

posted by KARNAGE (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Jan 18, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

Granted, this game could have been SO much more; however I thoroughly enjoyed it. The graphics are not up to the same level as other next gen games, but this wasn't a big deal for me. The online ability is decent but finding matches can sometimes be a chore, but once in the games are above average. Not having voice communcation hurts this games rating. For the campaign, I thought the story was good and the characters very well written. I loved the fact these guys aren't in their 20s with perfect bodies and chisled chins. The cover system is not as smooth as say 'Uncharted' but is not that hard to get around. I have heard complaints about the aiming, but for me this adds to the realism of the game. People do not hit what they are aiming at 100% of the time and I really liked that. The closer you got to an enemy the more accurate you became. Excluding the cover system, moving was smooth and easy. Aiming was even easier, the blind firing option was a nice touch. In most games control over your squad is not where it should be. This game is no different, everything is fine until you direct them to attack a postion; sometimes they fire from cover and at others they just run over and get lit up like a candle. But I haven't played a game that has figured that flaw out yet. Overall a decent and entertaining game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun but nothing special

posted by denver2010 (englewood, CO) Nov 29, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I had fun playing this game, but it really didn't do anything special for me. The prison break and rain forest levels were fun, but that was about it. In play dialog is funny at first but gets very repetitive. Rent it if you want to shoot hordes or bad guys, but don't recommend buying it.

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