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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days


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Above Average

Gritty shooter is short on a few things

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Aug 20, 2010

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"Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days" could've been a great game, but it falls short in more than its length of gameplay. The game clocks in anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending on your ability and how often you die. And dying can happen often, as the graphics, while okay, are not really up to snuff compared to other shooters on the PS3. The gunplay is fast and furious, but also frustrating as well, as your bullets are inconsistent with the damage you do to the enemy, yet they can hit you from across a room, street, or courtyard with deadly accuracy, causing your screen to go red in a hurry. And that's on the easy setting. The cover system also doesn't always work, as sometimes your character would simply stand there getting shot instead of getting into cover, even though you'd be jamming on the cover button. The camera is also a problem. Making it seem more life-like by giving you a handheld camera view might work at times for a movie, but not so well in a game. I recommend enabling the Steadicam in the options menu- it makes life a bit easier. The story is okay but not great, we've seen this before. The "M" rating is definitely warranted with the language, but the pixellation on the corpses is a bit puzzling decision. All in all, this is a rental only, and a brief one at that.

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GF Rating


Meh! I thought it was just OK.

posted by Majorfish (PITTSBURGH, PA) Aug 20, 2010

Member since Feb 2007

First things first, I beat the story single player in 2 short nights. I mean really, 2 nights?

The graphics while artistic can be very annoying. The screen jumps from static to clear, the lighting glares in your face every couple minutes. The cameraman is losing site of the enemies at times.

There really isn't anything else to do but walk in a linear line and shoot.

I understand what the concept was in trying to make it like a movie but there just wasn't enough for me in the year 2010.

Worth a rent but when you are sending it back in about 3 days don't be surprised.

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GF Rating

Very Good

No boring stage!!! Great Game!

posted by andrepadua (IRVINE, CA) Aug 19, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

All of you shooter players out there...Dog Days will give you a different approach on this...realistic acts, violence and storyline. I like the action but I think the shooting icon (sight) may improve. Graphics were also great, I just wanted to comment that I horribly get dizzy when Lynch or Kane is running..that is because the style of the game is like a realistic Camera view. the story line is good but the ending is quite bad...the last stage was easy, and I was expecting that there will be a next stage for that then suddenly the credits appear. The story ended when Kane and Lynch was able to make it to the Commercial Plane and flew away from Shanghai. But overall, the game was great!

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