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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days


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Above Average


posted by nattonline (NORCROSS, GA) Aug 22, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This sequel is okay. The story line kinda sucks and straight forward. What I have a problem with is the handycam visual style. At first I thught my TV went bas because it was so fuzzy. Even though it's cool, I don't like the iot at all. The handcam visual style makes me dizzy even with the steady mode turned on. The game is simply short and hard to aim. The first one is still better; however, I can't wait for the 3rd one.

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GF Rating


Must Go With 5!

posted by starbat626 (VENICE, CA) Aug 22, 2010

Member since Feb 2008

Wow, I was playing this game and getting Lynch onto the plane... here I was figuring that Kyle and Lynch would be jumping back to America and the game would continue. Think how surprised I was when all of a sudden the CREDITS started rolling!


The shortest game I've ever played. I just hope no one payed anywhere near over $13.00 dollars for this game. A total RIPOFF. We should have been warned that these gamemakers were only going to give us 15 minutes of gametime!

Disgusted by this new wrinkle of cheapness in the gaming world. No wonder profits are down!

Anyway, I was not too upset with this 2nd Kyle and Lynch game, until the early end that is, except that I didn't understand the camcorder view, blurry, muddy and ugly. Why not clean it up. The gun play was fair, not Call of Duty or anything, of course. Still the story of these two is okay, but nothing to write home about. In fact I never liked the first Kyle and Lynch game because the controls were really terrible... I sent it back.

I cannot forgive these for not putting in the time or care of completing a game though. It needed about 30 hours more to go. I feel bad for kids who bought this.

Just really upsetting.

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GF Rating


too much bashing

posted by schism (BOISE, ID) Aug 20, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

Definitely worth the rental...considering buying it.

This is the sickest most original game engine in a while. It plays a lot like Army of Two, but with a lot of adrenaline. Yes it has a grainy look like manhunt and it blurs out privates and blown off faces. IT WAS INTENTIONAL. Its artistic and different. If you want to play every other game...go rent those games. The best word for this game is ... original.

Low points: no grenades (tho the game is littered with throwable explosives you can throw and shoot in the air) and no melee (yea...thats dumb).

High points: non stop action, gruesome, unpredictable multiplayer, co-op on same box or online...oh...and completely original.

I play nearly everything and lost planet 2 was unbearable and this game is sick. Definitely worth a look. And if you beat it in 2 played it on easy. Challenge yourself...there are 4 difficulties.

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