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A Rare Don't

posted by CrazyGamer2186 (LUCERNE VALLEY, CA) Nov 27, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

Rare was one of those great game companies back in the 90's, one of them that most people who grown up with N64 is fond of. Banjo-Kazoie and Conker Bad Fur Day comes to mind, which are the greatest platform games they have made besides Perfect Dark series and GoldenEye. Sadly Kameo doesn't fall within the greatness of Rare and it is probably for a few reasons. One this game is the first development delayed game that has history that can be traced to late N64 early GameCube days before Microsoft bought them out. Second is because it is a launch title. It succeeds in some areas but it still doesn't make up for it.
Story is mainly a simple fairy tale structure. The Elves vs the Trolls ended with the war in the Elves victory years before the game takes place. When the game takes place, Kameo's Sister unleashes a Troll horde to get back at Kameo and their family and it is up to Kameo to save the day. This is similar to Cinderella like story or Snow White but with more blood and violence. The game is rated Teen due to violence but it could've tone it down for a E or E10+ rating and still be great. That is an alright story for casual or not so much hardcore gamers or family focus gaming.
Gameplay is the same platform jumping to get to points and also secret areas and the like. It is repetitive after a while for this one sadly. Co-Op is probably the best since it can be played for friends/family or online with others.
Graphics is similar to a xbox game but more better looking but yet not the prettiest launch title of the bunch like Call of Duty 2 or Condemned 1. Sound quality is the strong suit, even the music score is the best for a launch game. Difficulty is easy.
Overall this game is a 3/10 for a gamer who enjoys hardcore games but also likes an easy rider experience if it can live up to it. Otherwise it is recommended to rent it for those types otherwise it is a must play for family or casual gamers.

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posted by Jmac1928 (WHITTIER, CA) May 13, 2013

Member since May 2012

horrible game, only way i can see anyone likeing this game is if they were 7 years old or younger. no story, lame protaganist, all your transformations right off the bat, lame level construction and enemies and just all around bad game save your time and over look this one.

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This game is suitable rentware! (Spoilers ahead..)

posted by greg137 (CALDWELL, ID) Apr 15, 2013

Member since May 2010

This game is somewhat tragic... The gameplay is some what shallow, Three moves only for a form and jumping is counted as a form specific special ability... Kameo is also tragic, because the sequel that this game leaves an open ending for will never happen... Microsoft cut the funding for the sequel to sell the kinetic... So, we NOW have an incomplete story.. This game is also quite short, and it has several spikes in the difficulty which show themselves suddenly and without warning... On the first night with the game I got about half way through the game, and the rest of my week has basically been clearing the other half... That said I feel sorry for Kalus Kameo's sister who you think is a villain throughout most of the game... In the end you found out only after you beat the last boss that she is not really evil despite her willingness to try to resurrect thorn which you have to stop her from doing (via chilla) .. This game is pretty old and it winds up being a half complete story, since there isn't going to be a sequel... Spoilers aside the REAL enemy(the Mystic) got away! The game should be rented for anyone who wants to see the real graphics capacity of the Xbox 360. Even if you already know the story and even how it ends, you owe it to your self to have a look see at the capacity. Then you would understand just how the Xbox 360 didn't quite live up to its own potential, which is another tragic aspect to this game and the system as a whole... Graphically this game is gorgeous, and the number of sprites on screen is amazing, yet all the other Xbox 360 games seem pale by comparison, which means that the Xbox 360 was a tragedy of a game system as it would never again use its graphics to the same extent again ... Two worlds, Oblivion, and so many other games were given the short end of the stick... We should observe a moment of silence for such a grand system of wasted potential... Try before you buy!

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