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Kakuto Chojin


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GF Rating

72 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Get the Chojin moveset

Finish the game with any character you choose to unlock their particular Chojin moveset. These moves will inflict a higher damage and are faster than the normal moves which accompany the game by default.

Unlock the Daeva and Boss stage

Finish the game with all twelve characters and  unlock Daeva and her Circle Of Fire stage. To pick her, move the pointer off the screen on the first row of the character selection screen. Do the same on the stage selection screen to choose the Circle Of Fire stage. After finishing the game with Daeva you will unlock her in Chojin mode.

Unlock Chojin Mode

Finish the game with all twelve characters and unlock Chojin mode The power moves for certain characters change in Chojin mode.