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K-1 World Grand Prix


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Gameplay Controls

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K-1 World Grand Prix

Directional Buttons Move Fighter/Aim Attack or Defense
X Button Left Kick
Triangle Button Right Punch
Square Button Left Punch
Circle Button Right Kick
L2 Button Taunt
L1 Button Defense
R2 Button Combination + Attack Button
R1 Button Knockout Blow + Attack Button
Start Button Pause
Select Button Switch Camera Angle
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Fighter/Aim Attack or Defense
Combo #1 ATTACK CONTROLS: Triangle Button + Circle Button = Neck Hold, Square Button + X Button = Clinch, R2 Button + Attack Button = AT Combo, R1 Button + Attack Button = KO Move.
Combo #2 DEFENSE CONTROLS: L1 Button + Directional Button Up = Guard Head, L1 Button + Directional Button Down = Guard Body and Legs, L1 Button + Directional Button Toward Opponent = Duck from guarding stance, L1 Button + Directional Button Away From Opponent = Sway from guarding stance. L1 Button + R1 Button = O-Guard, press at same time an opponent attacks to throw the opponent off balance and counterattack.