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GF Rating

Very Good

Very Good Game!!!

posted by Bachetta18 (CRANSTON, RI) Oct 22, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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JLH has its problems but is an overall great game that is worth atleast a rental.

The storyline in the game is very good and involves many villains. The main man behind the plot is Braniac. The story starts off as you bieng wonder women and flash and you have to fight Batman to get him out of some mind control he is under. Then with Batman you have to do the same to superman to get him out of mind control. Then from there they work together to figure out what is going on.

The Gameplay is pretty good. The characters can upgrade and get special moves. Superman is in my opinion the best character to play as along the game. He has great special moves once you level up alot such as power punch, heat vision, and freezing breath. Batman is pretty cool to be as well. You will not need any other charcters besides Superman and Batman to get by story mode they can get it done for you. You level up by filling there logo up in green and as you level up you can unlock new moves and upgrade. Controls are pretty basic and easy to learn as well.

Graphics are pretty good for a DS game but nothing spectacular. The player animations are really good. When you fly around with Superman his cape waves in the wind and when he is going top speed wind follows him. Same thing with other characters with capes they wave around. Character fighting moves are animated very well such as freezing breath, batarang, and heat vision.

Justice league wont take you that long to get by in story mode. I would say it will take you about 5-7 hours maybe even shorter. Boss fights however are challenging and might take several trys if your character is not highly upgraded. Levels and Boss fights bieng challenging make the game experience very fun.

Overall JLH is a good game and if you are undecided whether or not to get it you should go out and give this game a try and you will not be dissatisfied.

Gameplay - 8.8
Graphics - 7.9
Sound - 7.9
Value - 7.5
Story - 8.5

Overall - 8.1

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Mar 15, 2007

Top Reviewer

Member since Mar 2006

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As I write this there are three user reviews, two low scores and a high 8. I agree with the high 8. This is a very solid DS title. Long story short, this is basically XMEN LEGENDS on the ds, with DC characters instead. The style of game is pretty much the same, level up the characters you have, do missions, get more characters, same as LEGENDS. The graphics aren't great but aren't bad either. This IS the nintendo ds, not the PS2, and I personally think the graphics are good for the game and system. Among the other "hero" titles out for the ds (SUPERMAN RETURNS, XMEN LEGENDS 2, SPIDERMAN 2/ULTIMATE SPIDEY) I'd say this is the best available, next to ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN (which is a totally different style of game and so isnt really worth comparing anyway). If you like BATMAN, or SUPERMAN, or THE FLASH, or all three and want a decent ACTION/RPG either rent this or spend the 19.99 to buy it new at most locations. Good solid gameplay experience!

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GF Rating


Not Good

posted by scallywag (THE DALLES, OR) Aug 6, 2008

Member since May 2004

5 simple little words sum up this game...."this game is not good". No elaborate description about how bad the graphics are or how the top down view of the game can drive a person bug-eyed. No description of how the game play is so one-sided that its really hard to get anywhere when the enemies attack you before you can even see them on the screen..Like I said..."5 little words...."

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