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Justice League Heroes


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Also on:Xbox, PS2, DS
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Gameplay Controls

Justice League Heroes

Directional Buttons Up = Switch Heroes
Triangle Button Jump
Analog stick Walk. Run.
Combo #1 R Button + Triangle Button = Zoom In
Combo #2 R Button + X Button = Zoom Out
Combo #3 R Button + Square Button = Rotate Camera Left
Combo #4 R Button + Circle Button = Rotate Camera Right
Combo #5 R Button + SELECT Button = Open/Close Map
Combo #6 Triangle Button + Triangle Button = Fly. Hover. Flip. Glide (Tap Again To Land).

Directional Buttons Down = Normal Attack. Left = Defensive Attack Mode. Right = Aggressive Attack Mode.
X Button Quick Attack. Attack With Object.
Triangle Button Jump
Square Button Action. Pick Up Object or Enemy. Throw Object or Enemy.
Circle Button Strong Attack. Attack With Object.
L Button Superpowers Menu
R Button Block
Combo #1 L Button + X or Circle or Square or Triangle or R Button = Special Ability
Combo #2 X, X, Circle Button = Advanced Attack Combo 1
Combo #3 X, Circle, X Button = Advanced Attack Combo 2
Combo #4 Circle, X, X, Circle Button = Advanced Attack Combo 3