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Justice League Heroes

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Also on:PSP Games, PS2, DS
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Gameplay Controls

Justice League Heroes

Directional Pad Swap Heroes (Press Up)
Left Thumbstick Walk. Run.
Right Thumbstick Rotate Camera. Zoom In/Out. Toggle Large/Small Map (Click).
Y Button Jump. Fly (Double-Tap. Tap Once More to Land).

Directional Pad Down = Normal Attack Mode. Left = Defensive Attack Mode. Right = Aggressive Attack Mode.
A Button Quick Attack. Attack with Object.
B Button Strong Attack. Attack with Object.
X Button Action. Pick Up Object or Enemy. Throw.
Y Button Jump. Hover, Fly, Flip, or Glide (Double-Tap).
Right Trigger Block
Combo #1 A, A, B = Advanced Attack Combo #1
Combo #2 A, B, A = Advanced Attack Combo #2
Combo #3 B, A, A, B = Advanced Attack Combo #3
Combo #4 Left Trigger + A or B or Y or X Button or Right Trigger = Special Character Power