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Total fun with a nice workout

posted by GAMEfreak329 (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Nov 12, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I have been a huge fan of the just dance games since the original on the Wii. I was a bit disapointed in Just dance 3 especially on the kinect because I was doing everything right and yet the game itself would not give me full credit (giving me goods and oks) for my mooves and effort. Just dance 4 fixes that with a more lenient scoring system while still getting you to put forth an effort to get that 'perfect' move and it excells at giving a fun, exhausting workout as well.

Now that thats out of the way let me talk about the user interface, aka the menus; You guys need to get over the fact there is no controller. It is actually an awesome way to choose and select what songs you would like to play. Basically look at it like a tablet or some other multitouch device you put your hand on the button and touch it to preview, touch again to select; its that simple, and yeat people are too full of themselves to get used to anything new or innovative because they are too attached to the old. Anyways the point I am Trying to make is that it is a unique interface and Ubisoft desrves a lot of credit for thinking outside of the box on this one.

Now to the good stuff: the song selection. In my opinion, no matter how you might think a song would seem undanceable to, they make the most outrageously awesome choreos, especially the duet andance crew songs. although there are some that I have yet to try out, all of the songs I have played are fantastic. The workout classes that hey have work with the standard songlist so you are getting a variety of a workout. I also like that the got rid of the annoying sweat points and put a calorie counter in there, although to be very honest it doesn't seem like real calories to me.

A new feature this time around is the autodance feature, and man does it create laughs. Basically it takes video of you at certai points of the song oyu are in and autotunes them into a short yet satisfying clip, that alone to me is well worth at least a rent

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Good songs, poor interface

posted by opalpika13 (EVERGREEN PARK, IL) Oct 31, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

I was anticipating this title when I received it, after I had researched the song list for it. Had a great selection of songs, but what disappointed me about Just Dance 4 for the Kinect was the interface. The interface was very hard for me to navigate through, I was only able to play through a few songs I wanted to dance to. I only had this for 2 days, sent it back in the mail the 2nd day. I would suggest the previous Just Dance titles or if you have a Wii or PS3 try one of those versions (or wait for the Wii U version) if you still want to play this, for those versions don't have this horrible interface.

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Just as the title says, Just Dance

posted by Jinto_Hyacinth (NEWMAN, CA) Oct 28, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

Ok, so after playing both Dance Central 3 and Just Dance 4 its very clear which is the superior game and that's Just Dance 4.
Where DC3 is only 2 players JD4 is up to 4 players and trust me, that makes a BIG difference. Try playing "Jail House Rock" from Elvis Presley with your friends and family or "Let's do the Time warp" from Rocky Horror Picture Show or even "Wild Wild West" from Will Smith and tell me you won't have fun.
As I mentioned in my DC3 review, during a party I brought the game over and people were fed up with the game by the 3rd hour. Just Dance 4 lasted to nearly at dawn (only because people were sobering up)
The only minor setback with the game is the dance moves get a little crazy and the kinect sensor can't always keep up whats going on, especially when people step in front of other people which is common in most songs.
Trust me on this if you had to choose between the two this one is the solid choice.

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