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Just Cause


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Just Cause

posted by sora199362 (BIG BEAR CITY, CA) Sep 28, 2006

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23 out of 30 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

This is weird. I love GTA and this game DOES have a bigger enviroment then san andreas. This game has great graphics good slow-mo jumps and fun everything. You can jump out of a plane and hang onto the wing and hang glide to the bottom and you can jump back in and go over. While you hang glide you can jump on other flying planes and knock the people out and you get the plane. You can jump on cars and do the same as the planes. This game is awsome the only problem is theres no online. But to get it straight this game is exactly lik a mexican version of GTA and Mercinaries.

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Engaging and Entertaining

posted by ikeredwolf (BLOOMINGTON, IN) Oct 3, 2006

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Wow, this game has to be one of the most entertaining games I've played in a long time. I like several elements of the game and Ill point out several areas that keep this game from perfection in my opinion. First off this game has the right balance of free-play and story driven play, I don't feel like I have to complete every side mission to advance, nor do I feel like there is no point, or unnecessary difficult side missions. In fact I enjoyed the process of completing some of the side missions but I've found no useful benefit to doing so, I just enjoyed exploring the game world. What a world! There is quite abit to be desired in terms of Non-Player Characters but really no game has mastered the fully interactive NPC. And the map itself almost has more character then the humans populating it. All the credit in the world goes to the designers of the game map. The action sequences are a bit linear and once I got the idea of how to do it I don't think they are particularly challenging, but we shall see. I truly hope this does not become a game where the basic objectives never change just the heath bar and damage capacity of the enemy gets tougher. That was one of the flaws of The Godfather which is the game Just Cause most closely resembles to me. Well I absolutely think you should try this game out.

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It's Like A Bad Movie Based Game, But No Movie

posted by Nameless (SAN JOSE, CA) Oct 22, 2006

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Just Cause is nothing special, it gets kind of boring after a few hours of playing. The game has no storyline and feels really cheesy. Everything in the game seems like it was slapped together at the last second. The game is a huge open world, bigger than GTA but not nearly as well put together. The AI is really stupid and annoying, the cops come after you for getting into your own car and the civilians just run right in front of you as your driving.
The graphics are alright considering how big the world is. The controls are the worst part of the whole game, they changed around the standard controls for driving (you know X is gas and square is brake) to X gas and square is to jump onto the roof of your car. There is too many flaws to list them all or fit into this review. Their's one alright thing about the game which is the shooting, but even that's difficult to get use to. So overall don't bother renting it Just Cause it isn't worth your time.

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