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GF Rating

Above Average

Pretty looking, but lacking in gameplay.

posted by BlueTimber (WOODBRIDGE, VA) Oct 20, 2006

Member since Mar 2005

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Okay, first off, I'm gonna tell the graphic obsessed, yes, the game looks good. Not so much the character models as much as with the enviorment and whatnot.

That aside, the gameplay is ultimately flawed. The main missions are quite boring and seem pretty repetitive, and with the boring GTA style shooting, fighting enemies is more of an annoying nuisance then anything.

Next, there are the side missions, they are the same thing, over, and over, and over. Go here, kill this guy, go here, retreive this....that's pretty much all it is. I did about 10 before I realized that in order to move up in rank, I'd have to do like, a hundred, and I could not keep wasting time doing those idiotic missions.

And even just driving around is annoying. Maybe it's just a glitch, but even if I don't commit any crime, I ALWAYS have a helicopter chasing me, and it just gets on your nerves when you can't even explore the game, which is huge, and completely empty. It's all just a giant jungle, they could have done away with 2/3's of the map really.

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GF Rating

Very Good

very nice, very nice indeed.

posted by artair (HOUSTON, TX) Sep 30, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

61 out of 74 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

now, shocking statement that is true. Just Cause is a much, much better game than The Godfather. Just Cause is just as impressive as Saint's Row, although it doesn't boast the depth of that game or any multiplayer component. and the final product is quite a bit more polished than the prerelease Xbox Live demo.

Just Cause puts you in the shoes of Rico, an agent of a CIA-like government function. you're tasked with handling a regime change. to this end you've got to blow up a lot of things, and kill a whole lot of people. this should seem familiar if you've ever played any videogame, ever.

Just Cause has a lot of things going for it. giant environments, fair graphics, and gobs of bloom lighting make the scenery easy on the eyes; the story is brisk if somewhat ridiculous; the sexuality is turned up to almost comical levels; and the voice acting, while not played for realism, is no slouch. vehicle controls are pretty nice overall, though the motorcycle is a bit sluggish; the grappling hook/ parachute combo is a lot of fun; and the targeting system is efficient, if not perfect. a load of achievements provide you with a good excuse to screw around with the game's mechanics and a bevy of side missions offer a lengthy experience to fill out a shorter-than-expected main storyline. and I need to reiterate: parachuting is just awesome. in real life and in games.

Just Cause isn't perfect. nighttime play is difficult, some of the menus are a little awkward, random little unexplained problems pop up periodically (why can't I get a drop or extraction in some places? why won't the game explain this to me?), and the technology of the game isn't bleeding-edge. but for a good time, Just Cause is pretty great. it combines the best elements of Total Overdose with a fun, breezy shoot-em-up adventure that's not very challenging but is definitely a nice diversion.

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GF Rating


Fun, Repetitive, Needs more everything

posted by BruinsFan (BEVERLY, MA) Oct 17, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

41 out of 55 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

It appears to be the age of the sandbox style game. Sure we all like to drive any vehicle we see and go do what ever we want in the interactive worlds set before us. For me that's already getting stale.

This game is no exception. As it starts it really feels fun and innovative. You are a secret agent set in an island country sent buy your government to help over throw the government by pitting groups against group by starting uprisings and completing various missions. you use what ever means nexuses to travers the gigantic island. Planes, Choppers, cars, trucks, Motorcycles, boats are all at your disposal.
You are also equipped with a grapple gun to attach to any vehicle and go par sailing around the island, its kind of fun.

However the missions are so darn repetitive. It seems there are only about 5 or so things to actually do, and you do them over and over. For me the game went from a 9 to a 7 in about 2 hours. Who knows, if I keep playing I may get down to a 5.

Ill say one thing though, games like Battlefield2 need to take a lesson from this game on how to control a helicopter, they did it perfectly.

Overall I would be hard pressed to recommend this game to anyone for more than a rental.

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