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mindless, stupid, unadulterated FFUUNN!!!!

posted by griffin090 (SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH) Jun 27, 2010

Member since Dec 2006

the game has an unbelievably bad story with the absolute worst voice acting i have seen since the movie " the room ". there are really strange glitches, some of wich can only be fixed by turning your console off and trying it again. the gunplay cannot stand toe to toe with games as fun and as explosive as games like gears of war, uncharted 2, or lost planet 2. and even though i often have this big question mark on my head, even though the cheap A.I. can frustrate you on harder settings, and even though its clear that it didnt have as much polish as you would expect, i am having some of the most fun anyone can have with a video game, everyone who was let down with grand theft auto 4's extreme boring feel of realism will find this game as a dream come true. the amount of weapons, veahicles, upgrades, collectibles, and unrivaled (SERIOUSLY UNRIVALED!) scale and size of the island your on, with so many unique and special places to explore, as well as sheer jawdroppingly amazing views and setpeice battles. the only problems are the storyline is boring except for one really cool 3 boss hotel level, the gunplay could have had more polish (seriously where is the freaking ammo?), and the only things you can blow up are actuall explosive objects (sorry red faction fans :( ). if you want just mindless wacky fun in a sandbox enviroment, rent this game. do us all a favor and JUST CAUSE alot of chaos!

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GF Rating

Above Average

just cause 2

posted by drt00b (MADISON, WI) Jun 25, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

This game was really fun and inovative at first but as you push on the missions are exactly the same, the destroyable structures are the same and can be destroyed with only a few shots of a pistol. There is also a massive glitch in the game where there is a mission that you destroy an oil rig. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DIE!!!!! the only way to get 100% after you have died durring this mission is to start all over. The game is also very easy to beat even in the hardest of settings. A fun short lived game but graphics are questionable.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Just Cause 2 - Mindless Awesomeness

posted by DWolff (ANTIOCH, CA) Jun 23, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

Sandbox games are kind of like a fad now and saying your game has a sandbox doesn't mean it's anything special. What matters now is what can you DO in that sandbox? Well Just Cause 2 not only provides one of the largest worlds I've ever played in, but it's filled to the brim with stuff to do.

A disclaimer though, do not expect a strong story to pull you through, it is laughable at best. Characters speak in almost offensively bad and stereotypical accents that are absurd. The story missions will probably take you all of 8 hours to do, but I would be surprised if you get finished in that time since exploring is half the fun.

The key to the game is Chaos, the game rewards you the more stuff you destroy/find. Chaos is like your experience, it unlocks new weapons and vehicles on the black market, new missions, and things of that nature. With over a hundred different vehicles (from sea to the sky) you will never run out of ways to destroy stuff.

Lastly, and probably the best part of this game are your two main actions, your grappling hook, and an unlimited supply of parachutes. While this may seem like a ridiculous combination, it pays off as being the most fun part of this game. You not only use your grappling hook to climb tall sky scrappers, but you can use it to tie enemies to moving vehicles, catapult yourself in the sky with your parachute, pin a guy to a ceiling and get a pinata kill, and even attach small cars to helicopters using them as a wrecking ball.

While the game doesn't have much depth in it's story, and some of the missions do get repetitive, the world is so vast and filled with little details that really keep you wanting more. For just good classic fun, I highly recommend this game.

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