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The Roaches Faction Mission: Information Highway

The Roaches want some information from the government's anti-gang task force. To get it they need someone to attack a government convoy and steal a car containing the info. Grab a motorcycle and head toward the convoy. The car you're after has an escort, so you may want to take them out before you go after the objective vehicle. Either way, hijack the officer's car. The information will start to download. When the download is complete the mission will end.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Offensive Action

The Roaches are bribing some military officials, one of whom has betrayed them. In retaliation they want you to destroy some key silos at one of their bases. Head toward the base. There are five silos. Fight your way through the base and destroy all of them.

The Roaches Faction Mission: O Panay Redentor

Another statue is causing trouble for the Roaches. Destroy it and capture the head as a trophy. Grab a car drive toward the statue. When you arrive at the statue kill the guards and use some demolition charges to blow it up. Then, use your grappling hook to attach it to the nearby cargo helicopter and fly it to the drop point. If you find your defenseless cargo helicopter under attack by armed choppers, try ascending. It will make it harder to hit you.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Stop the Press

A journalist is writing up the Roaches and they want him stopped. They've hired you to halt his progress, permanently. Hop in the attack boat provided by the Roaches and head toward the journalist. When you get near he'll take off in his own boat. Chase him down and blow up his boat.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Mile High Club

The Roaches need some data retrieved from an informer at a brothel. The catch is the brothel is on a blimp. You'll need a helicopter. Luckily, a few are located right near the mission's start. Steal one and fly to the brothel. When you get there, land on the helipad and enter. You'll need to download info from three laptops located throughout the area. The guards won't shoot at you at first, but when you start hacking the laptops they'll become hostile. When all three are downloaded the guards will try to blow up the brothel. The Roaches want it saved so you need to deactivate the self destruct mechanism. Follow the objective marker to the brothels innards and hack the bomb. The hacking will fail to stop it, even if you do it right. Shoot the yellow, striped mountings holding it in place and the self destruct mechanism will drop from the brothel. Mission accomplished.

The Roaches Faction Mission: An Officer and a Hitman

The Roaches want you to assassinate a military colonel. Head to the colonel's mansion. When you get there the colonel will be hiding in the mansion. There are a number of SAM turrets located around the premises; destroy them to lure him out. When he does come out be careful, he's heavily armed. Pop him off and the mission will end.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Keeping the Flow

The government has plans to disrupt a Roaches shipment by planting bombs along a distribution route. The Roaches need you to disarm those bombs. Make your way to the distribution route. It's not too far away. When you reach the route the first of four bombs will be marked. Clear out the defending soldiers, disarm it, and then the other three in turn. When all are disarmed the mission will end in success.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Head of State

A friend of the Roaches had one of his buildings torn down to make way for a Baby Panay statue. He wants the statue destroyed and the head as a trophy. Head to the town square. When you get there you'll find the statue surrounded by some enemy forces. Steal the tank sitting there and start blow them away. When the enemy soldiers have been cleared out, blow the statue. Then, use your grapple to hook the head to your tank and drag it to the drop off point.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Smugglers do Run

There is a band of independent smugglers the Roaches want dead. Can you guess who they want to do it? As soon as the mission starts the smugglers will zoom by in their boats. Hop into the attack boat the Roaches provided and pursue them. Destroy both smuggler boats.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover III

The Roaches want to take over a narcotics production facility and need your help. When the mission starts, you'll almost immediately meet a mounted gun. Knock it out so the Roaches can continue. Shortly after you'll encounter a pair of snipers, kill them to clear the way. Continue through the base, putting down any resistance you encounter. Eventually you'll come to a temple guarded by some rocket launcher wielding soldiers. After you take care of this obstacle, the technician will reach the hacking point and start taking over the area. Government soldiers will try to stop you. Kill them and then the facility commander and the base will be yours.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Paparazzi Pursuit

A photographer has been pestering Roaches higher ups and they want him eliminated. When the mission starts, grab the bike nearby and head toward the photographer. When you get close he'll take off on his own bike. Stay on him. If he gets too far away, you'll fail the mission. After you kill him, pick up the photos he drops and take them to the drop point. Mission accomplished.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Nothing to Declare

One of the Roaches pilots has betrayed them and needs a dose of hot lead to correct his mistake. Head into the airport. When you near him, the traitor will board a helicopter and try to escape. Use one of the nearby attack choppers to chase after him and shoot him down before he can get away.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Airport Troubles

A former Roaches hacker has struck a deal with the government. The Roaches want the information he stole back before it makes it into government hands. You need to find his location and then find the hacker himself before he evacuates the country. To find the hacker you need to find the pilot flying him to safety. Head into the marked airport. When you find the pilot kill him and pick up his PDA to discover the hacker's location. Now proceed toward the hacker. His plane is ready for take off. Before you hijack it, eliminate the soldiers guarding it. Several have rocket launchers and can easily shoot you down. Take off in the plane. The information will download to the Roaches and you can deal with the hacker as you wish.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Rivers Run Red

The Roaches are moving some goods downriver and want you escort the cargo boat. Head toward the boat and when you arrive enter the gun turret and use it to protect the boat. Enemy choppers and gunboats will attack you as you go. After awhile you'll come to a closed flood gate. The boat can't proceed until it's opened. Dismount from the turret and grapple up to dry land. Hack all the flood gate controls and then return to the boat. It will continue downriver. Fend off any attackers until you reach the next floodgate. It will open automatically to reveal some floating mines. It's a trap! You need to clear those mines. Return to dry land and hijack some cars. Drive them into the water near the mines and they should explode. When the mines are gone the mission will end.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover II

You're here to take another facility for the Roaches. Immediately, a gate needs opening. Grapple over the wall and open the gate. Compared to other stronghold takeover missions this is very straightforward. Fight through the base, killing every enemy you encounter. Eventually you'll come to a demolition soldier guarding the hack point. Kill him and the technician will begin taking over the base. Defend him and kill the stronghold commander when he shows up. The Roaches will take the base.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Breaking and Entering

The Roaches want some information from the government and need you to get it for them. Head to the military base near your starting point. When you get close, the government soldiers will start wiping the laptop to erase the files. Get to the laptop in less then two minutes and hack it. Then stay near the laptop until the download is done, killing any soldiers that attack you.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Be Quick or He be Dead

An Ular Boys associate has been captured and is about to be executed. You need to retrieve the data he had in his possession. Head toward the harbor where they're detaining him. When you reach the room where they're holding him, you can hack his PDA and download the data you need. Enemy soldiers will flood in to stop you, hold your ground against them until the download is complete.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Save the Forest

The government is getting ready to log a sacred forest. The Ulars want this stopped. The Ulars already have a force there, meet up with them. When you reach the Ular soldiers, hop on one of their cars and ride it to the sawmill. There will be several silos scattered throughout the mill area. Destroy them with demolition charges; about two each. When you destroy all three silos the sawmill will go up and the foreman will try to escape in an armored vehicle. The best way to take him out is to wait until his truck gets near and then toss a few demolition charges on it. After he dies the mission will end.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Fender Bender

A military lieutenant has been hitting the Ular hard. As revenge they want you to destroy his collection of prized luxury cars. Head to the military base where they're located. Fight your way to all three car collections and blow them up. Once they're destroyed the mission will be complete.

The Roaches Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover I

The Roaches want your help to bring a harbor under their control. Head into the harbor, running ahead of the technician and his guards. Kill the enemy soldiers barring the entrance. The gate won't open. Grapple over the top and use the gate controls to open it up. The Roaches will charge into the base. Continue through the base and eventually come to a sniper. You need to take him out before you can continue. You'll come to a mounted gunner. Take it out and then clear away the enemy soldiers nearby. The technician will reach the objective point and start taking over the base. Defend him from the soldiers that try to stop you. Eventually the base commander will arrive. Kill him and the base will be yours shortly after.

The Roaches Faction Mission: The Red or the Blue One?

The military plans on taking out several Roach drug refineries and they need help defending them. Make your way from refinery to refinery. When you reach each one, clear out the guards and disarm the bomb. You only have four minutes to hit all four refineries so don't dilly dally.

Race Challenges

As you advance through the game you'll unlock a number of race challenges that you can complete for rewards (money, resources) that will help you through the rest of the game. These challenges are essentially just races against a timer wherein you have to get through a series of checkpoints before the time expires. Passing through checkpoints grants more time. Though the challenges themselves are also basically the same, they all differ in difficulty and vehicle type. Difficulty is determined on a scale three, with one being the easiest and three being the hardest. You can bring any vehicle you want to a challenge as long as it is the appropriate type. You'll need a car for a car challenge, a plane for in the air, and a boat in the water. While a vehicle will generally be provided for you at the start point there are some benefits to bringing your own in advance. Obviously if you're more comfortable with one vehicle over another, it's better to use that. Just remember, speed is often secondary to accuracy. If you miss a checkpoint because you're driving to wildly and fast, you'll just have to double back wasting valuable time.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover I

You land outside of a government facility with a group of Reaper soldiers. You're immediately tasked with keeping a technician alive. Run ahead of your allies. There's a group of enemy soldiers up ahead. Kill them and proceed to the next blockade. You'll come to another group of soldiers guarding a closed gate. Kill them and use your grappling hook to shoot over the gate. In a bunker is a with a switch that will open the gate. Kill the guard and open the gate. The Reaper soldiers follow you through. You'll be attacked by a helicopter. There's a flak cannon nearby, mount it and shoot the chopper down. After you've destroyed the helicopter proceed. You should pass a health pack on your right hand side. Use it if you need it. You'll come to another obstacle, a mounted gunner. The Reaper soldiers will take cover while you deal with it. The gunner, as well as several other soldiers are located at the bottom of the slope below. Kill the gunner and your allies will advance. You'll come to another mounted gunner. Take care of him as well. After you take down the second mounted gunner the technician will arrive at his destination. He'll set to hacking the installation. Almost immediately you'll come under attack by some a swarm of enemy soldiers. Protect the technician however you please. You could use the nearby mounted gun, but that's up to you. Eventually you'll be attacked by the stronghold commander who arrives with an attack chopper. The easiest way to take it down is to hijack it. The technician should finish hacking the base shortly after.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Ups and Downs

When the mission starts you'll be directed to head toward a military base. You'll meet some minor resistance on the way. When you arrive you'll be told to destroy a bio fuel shaft. The shaft is located further in the base and resembles a large pit with a spire rising out of the middle of it. Jump down into the shaft and kill the defending soldiers. You'll find a console. You'll be given the option to overload the shaft. Do it and flee before it explodes. When you get out, the mission will end.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Taming the Beast

You've been asked to steal an armored car. When the mission starts open the box of weapons that has been dropped for you and head toward your objective. You'll find the armored car in the middle of a small enemy base. As soon as you enter the base you'll come under attack. Fight off the enemy soldiers and steal the armored car. All you need to do now is drive it to the drop point. You can take a little time to trash the base if you want but be careful, the armored car isn't invincible and if you let it get destroyed that's the end of the mission.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Political Debates

Your mission is to kidnap a politician. You'll do this by hijacking his limousine and then returning it to the Reapers. When the mission starts his limo will be marked as your next objective. Head toward it. When you get near it you'll want to capture a motorcycle as it will be easier to stunt jump onto the limo from one. When you capture the limo fight off the enemies pursuing you and then deliver him to the safe house marked as your next objective. If your vehicle takes too much damage, ditch it and find another. The politician will follow you to each new vehicle.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover II

The Reapers need another base to supply their growing ranks. It's largely the same deal as last time. You need to escort a technician and several other Reaper soldiers through the base so they can take it over. When you near the base use your grappling hook to pull the soldiers down from the guard towers. When they're down kill the rest of the guards and jump over the gate to reach the controls and open it. Be careful, a soldier inside the base has a rocket launcher which will result in an instant death if it hits you. Continue through the base, killing any enemy soldiers you encounter. You'll come to mounted gun. You need to disable it before the technician can continue. If you want you can detach the mounted gun and bring it with you. It's weight will slow you down, but its firepower comes in handy. Continue, quickly destroying any opponents the technician prompts you to. You'll come to another mounted gun. Take it out. The technician will reach his destination. Defend him from the government soldiers until the mission ends. The base commander will show up at some point in an APC. Waste him and shortly after the mission should end.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Pulling a Jeremy

You need to pick up an informant and bring him to the Ular. Head toward the informant. When you reach, feed him the code phrase given to you by the Ular. The informant will jump into a nearby car. Drive him to the safe point, avoiding any soldiers you encounter on the way. When you make it to the safe point, the mission ends.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Holy Smoke!

The military has found a stash of the Ular's opium. They want you to keep it out of government hands. Head toward the temple that houses the opium. You'll uncover a cache of weapons you can use to protect the opium stash. Unfortunately the government will attack as you arrive. Protect the opium and dispatch each wave the military sends to attack you.

LOST Reference Find the HATCH

Hatch Location: X:1743 Y:4363 Hatch from the island in the top NW of panau. This was a great find for any LOST fan. The island makes you crash because of the power towers and the whole place is always stormy.

Weapon of Choice

There are a lot of guns to choose from in Just Cause 2. Pistols, shotguns, automatic weapons, explosives: you'll find all of these plentifully available throughout the game. That said, how many of them are actually useful is up for debate. As a rule, most of the pistols are useless unless you have no other choice. The standard 9mm that many guards carry packs little punch and the Magnum, though powerful is painfully slow. Similarly, shotguns are limited in their practicality. Even at point plank range it will often take more then one shotgun blast to kill an enemy, and your ammo is generally more limited with that class of weapons. The game's two shotguns (sawed-barrel and assault) aren't bad, but they aren't that great either. Generally speaking, your best options are the two assault rifles and the sub machine gun. The assault rifles pack a heavy punch and are accurate at long range and close range, even while firing in bursts. The sub machine guns are devastating at close range, especially when dual-wielded. They'll eat up ammo fast, but your enemies probably won't mind you looting their corpses for ammo. The sniper rifle is also a good option, but only for long range. You generally always want to have explosives on hand as well. Though their usefulness against enemy soldiers is limited, grenades and demolition charges are great for chewing up vehicles and structures. The rocket launcher is also good for that purpose, but unfortunately, it's actually pretty hard to use against infantry and it takes up your only two-handed weapon slot.

Appetite for Destruction

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you should constantly be keeping your eyes out for to destroy. Destructible structures aren't hard to spot. They're generally red and marked with a white star, indicating government property. That said, if you have heavy weapons guard towers are also destructible. Advancing in Just Cause 2 requires you to destroy stuff, so you should never pass up an opportunity to do so. Whether you're on a mission and happen to pass some tasty looking fuel depots, or are just cruising down the highway and happen to spot a gas station, you should never pass up a chance to blow things up.

Grappling is Your Friend

Your grappling hook is probably your best friend. You can use it for transportation, to climb and even for combat. In short, it's the swiss army knife of Just Cause 2. Point in case, find yourself in a remote region and without transport? You can use your grappling hook to slingshot into the air and glide about with your parachute. Need to scale a wall? The grappling hook can propel you over it in seconds! Out of ammo? Use your grappling hook to pull enemies from guard towers, or even just melee them to death. When all else fails you, the grappling hook is always there.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Stranded

An Ular plane has been shot down and they want you to retrieve the cargo. You need to head to Hantu Island where the plane crashed. The mission begins at an airfield, so finding transport shouldn't be too hard. When you near the island, you'll catch sight of a smoke signal. That is your destination. When you get closer some unknown force will shoot you down. Glide to the smoke signal. You'll meet with the cargo plane's pilot who will ask you to drive him to the cargo. The pilot will inform you that the device that shot you down is a Japanese relic of WW2 that is being guarded by insane, 100-year old Japanese war veterans. You need to take out the pulse towers that shot your plane down. To disable it you first need to destroy its power supply. Glide to each power tower and then fight your way up to the controls. Deactivate the towers. You'll then have to take out the main tower. Make your way up to the top. You'll come to the power generator; shoot it until it explodes, then jump from the tower before it blows. The mission isn't over yet. Head back to the cargo truck. The Ular will send a chopper to pick you up. You need at least three of the boxes when you reach the extraction point, so drive carefully. This is a bit hard when you come under attack, but if you lose too many boxes you'll have to start over. When you reach the extraction point, the mission ends.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: One Deadly Sin

The Ular Boys want a government councilman assassinated. The councilman is marked so head to his location. He's in a limo so grapple onto it when you get near. He'll pop out of the car to shoot you. Kill him.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Above the Law

The Ular Boys need you to protect one of their hackers while they hack into a corporation's network. He's waiting for you on top of a skyscraper. Make your way up to him. Kill a the soldiers guarding the required terminal and the hacker will head over to start working. Defend him and the satellite dish. On the roof above -the very top of the building- is an armed helicopter. You can use it if you want. When the hacking finishes so will the mission.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Rico's Day in Court

The Ular want some witnesses silenced, permanently. You can pick up the sniper rifle left by the Ular, but it's actually easier to go in and take them out up close. Try to hit at least one before the military spots you, or else they'll bolt.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Mercenaries Must Die

The government has put together a special unit to take out groups like the Ular. They want the leader dead. Head toward the government training camp where you'll find the mercenary leader. The guy can take a lot of damage so go for head shots if you can, or just riddle him until he falls. Kill him to complete the mission.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover III

The Ular need more guns and want you to take over another base for them. The mission will start and the Ular soldiers will ask you to clear a path to start. Follow them into the base, killing any enemy soldiers in your way. Watch out for the rocket launcher wielding soldiers in the guard towers. Eventually you'll come to a closed gate, grapple to the other side and open it. The Ular will continue into the base. You'll come across some snipers you need to kill before they can go further. Kill them. Immediately following the snipers is a mounted gun. Knock it out. You'll reach the mission objective and the technician will start taking over the base. Defend him until you're attacked by the stronghold commander. Kill him and shortly after the base will be yours.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Fry me to the Moon

The government is trying to launch some satellites that the Ular Boys want destroyed. Head toward the Panau Space Center. Climb each rocket and destroy the satellites. After you destroy the first satellite a ten-minute countdown will commence. Destroy all three satellites and the Ular Boys will tell you they've discovered a hidden fourth one that has already launched. You need to destroy it in midair. A fighter jet will be marked as your next objective. Take off in the fighter and head toward the launching satellite. Shoot it down in midair. The mission will end.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Taking Care of the Dishes

The Ular Boys want you to destroy a massive satellite dish and then kill a businessman. Head to the satellite dish marked as your objective. When you arrive you'll need to expose the dish. There are two control panels around the base, find and activate them. After you activate the first panel, the businessman, Lee Ho Fook will show up to stop you. Kill him and then go after the second panel. The vulnerable satellite receiver will reveal itself. You'll need something heavier to take it down. If you're under attack by a chopper, hijack it and that should be enough. Otherwise just find something with the necessary firepower. Once the receiver is destroyed, the mission will end.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Bridging New Contacts

One of the Ular Boys' operatives is in danger. You need to extract him and get him to an airstrip. When the mission begins head to the bridge marked as your objective. You'll find the operative under attack by government soldiers. Kill them and drive the operative to the drop off point.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Taking Candy From a Millionaire

The Ular Boys want you to steal a prized race car from a Panauan millionaire. He's already driving it, so you'll need a vehicle to play catch up. When you get close enough, hijack his car and drive it to the drop off point.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Shakedown

A businessman owes the Ular Boys and won't pay up, to teach him a lesson they want you to destroy some of his property. When the mission starts, head toward the convoy of vans marked as your objective. Grapple onto each van in turn, placing destructive charges as you go. It will take two to three charges to destroy each van. When all the vans are rigged to explode, jump off and detonate.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover II

The Ular Boys want you to help them take over a village the government plan to demolish. When you reach the village you'll find it guarded. Take out the mounted gunner in your path. After he's dead continue escorting the Ulars through the village. You'll come to a point guarded by snipers. Take them out. When they're dead push forward. You'll arrive at the shrine that is Ular's main target. It's being defended by a mounted gunner. He has the high ground and there's not much cover, so be careful. After the gunner is dead the technician will begin his takeover of the village. Enemy soldiers will try to stop him. Fight them off. After taking out the base commander the base will be yours and the mission will end.

The Reapers Faction Mission: The Setup

The Reapers want to frame an air force commander. You need to steal a fighter from an airbase and then use it to attack another base. Head into the airbase and steal the marked plane. After that head toward the targeted base. When you come into attack range, begin destroying its installations. Once you destroy the communication mast the mission will end.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Chemical Heist

The Reapers want you to steal some chemicals from a government research site. When the mission starts hop in the nearby chopper and head toward the research base. When you arrive run around the base and gather all three samples of the chemical from their respective laboratories. To enter the labs, grapple up to their roofs and blow up the fans located on each. Any explosive should do the job. When you gather two samples, a scientist will try to make off with the third. Kill him and retrieve it. After you retrieve all the samples take them to the drop point, but be quick about it. If it takes too long the chemical's temperature will rise too much and they'll evaporate.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Checking the Menu

The Reapers need food and want you to hijack a truck full of canned food. Head toward the truck and steal it. Drive the truck to the drop point, doing your best to keep as many crates of food safe as possible. You need a minimum of three to succeed.

The Reapers Faction Mission: I Want to Break Free

The Reapers need you to free one of their associates from a rival gang. Head to the harbor marked as your first objective. They're keeping him in a storage container. Fight your way to the container and blast it open with a grenade. Find a car and drive him to the drop off point.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover I

You've been asked by the Ular Boys to takeover a power plant. Head into the base and open the first gate, killing any soldiers you encounter along the way. When the gate is open the technician will ask you to take out some soldiers in guard towers armed with rocket launchers. Oblige him. Continue through the power plant, killing any soldiers you encounter. You'll come across a sniper. The technician will instruct you to kill him. Do so and proceed after which you'll be attacked by a mounted gunner. Take him out and the technician will hack the plant. Defend him until he's finished.

The Ular Boys Faction Mission: Siphoning Gas

The Ular Boys need to you play spy for them. Head toward the pipeline marked as your first objective. When you arrive kill the guards and download the data from the marked laptop. When the download finishes head to the other two laptops and repeat the process.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Stronghold Takeover III

You're taking over a chemical compound for the Reapers. Head in before the technician and his guards. When you near the base, beware of the two guards with rocket launchers in towers near the entrance. Dispatch them first and then kill the rest of the guards before heading toward the control to open the gate. The technician and his men will follow you through until you reach a mounted gun. Take it down. Continue through the base. Eventually you'll come to another mounted gun, knock it out. The technician will reach his desired position and start the takeover. Hold off the enemy soldiers until he finishes. When the base commander arrives in a chopper, kill him.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Helicopter Hangaround

The government is out to destroy some of the Reapers silos. You need to stop them by destroying their attack helicopters. If you don't have an attack chopper of your own yet, take off in the one near the mission start point. Head toward the choppers and shoot them down before they can reach the silo.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Death from Above

Your mission is to destroy some government fighter jets while grappling from a Reaper helicopter. Pick up the grenade in the weapons box the Reapers drop and then grapple onto the chopper. When you reach the base destroy the marked pieces of hardware. If you run out of ammo for the grenade launcher, drop down from the chopper and take out the remaining targets on foot.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Clear Skies

The Reapers want you to deprogram the air defenses at a government base. Head toward the base. When you get there a laptop will be marked as your next objective. Fight your way through the base, clearing out the government soldiers near the laptop. When you have a little more breathing room, hack the laptop and then hold your position while the deprogramming process completes.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Jumping Parole

A high level Reaper soldier is going to be executed and they want you to save him. When the mission begins intercept the convoy transporting your target. When you get close enough hijack the armored truck and then head toward the drop point. Mission complete.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Slippin' and Sliding

The Reapers have asked you go pick up a doctor to save one of their officers. When you get there to meet him, he'll be under attack by government soldiers. Kill them and pick up the doctor. You need to get him to Reaper officer before he dies of his wounds which, plainly put, means you have a time limit. When you arrive at the hotel the Reapers will be fighting off some government troops. You need to kill all of them before the doctor can go to work. When the enemy soldiers are all dead, you complete the mission.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Can I get a Witness

You need to capture a witness that the Reapers hope to hold over the Roaches for leverage. When the mission starts, grab a transport and head toward the radar facility marked as your first objective. When you reach the radar facility, you'll receive instructions to head inside and find the GPS room. It's on the roof of one of the nearby buildings. Make your way up and try to enter. You'll need to find a keycard. Head back into the base and wreak a little havoc. After a short wait, you'll be given the location of the officer. Track him down and kill him. Take his keycard and head back to the locked GPS room. Use the keycard to unlock it and head inside. There's a gun drone inside. Destroy it and download the GPS information to your PDA. The Reapers will send a chopper to pick you up. When it arrives, grapple onto it and ride it to the target. You need to hijack the witnesses car and deliver it to the Reapers without the witness being killed. You'll need to take out its escort. You can shoot at them from the chopper or drop down and take them out on the ground. It's easier to do it from the helicopter if you have enough ammo. Once you've hijacked the car, deliver the witness to the Reaper safe zone.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Driving Miss Stacey

You need to find and escort a Reaper informant to safety. Head toward the objective marker marking her limo. Next drive the limo to Ms. Stacey. When you reach Ms. Stacey she'll enter your limo. Take her to her drop off point. Along the way you'll run into the general, "Boom Boom," that's out for Stacey. You don't need to stop and kill him, but hey why not? He has a rocket launcher you can pick up. Continue toward the drop off point, fending off any soldiers that chase after you. Deliver her and the mission ends.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Pirate Broadcast

You're job is to broadcast a video of a politician's ill deeds. Head toward the broadcast center marked as your objective. When you arrive you'll be instructed to align four satellite dishes so the Reapers can upload their video. The dishes are at the very top of the of the broadcast center. Rather than climbing all the way to the top, grapple one of the elevators and ride it. The dishes are defended so prepare for resistance. After you download the video, you'll be asked to place bombs around an antenna that sits on top of the building. Grapple to the top of the building and place bombs on the marked weak spots. When both bombs are placed jump off the building to escape.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Hell on Wheels

Ever seen Speed? No? Good movie. Any ways, several Reaper members have discovered their cars are rigged with bombs that will go off as soon as they slow down. When the mission begins follow the objective marker to the convoy. When you reach the cars, jump onto one and disarm its bomb. Do the same for each in succession. If you're being chased by government soldiers, you may need to fight them off. When all three bombs are disabled the mission will end.

The Reapers Faction Mission: Black Gold

Your mission is to destroy one of the government's offshore platforms. It's a bit away so why don't you help yourself to one of the fighter jets stored at the nearby airstrip? Fly to the rig and use the fighter to destroy the oil rig. This can take awhile but just keep at it. If you crash the fighter, which is very possible, grapple up to the rig and hijack the helicopter sitting there. Once the rig is destroyed, the mission will end.

The Reapers Faction Mission: The Broader Scope

Sniper time! When the mission begins head toward the sniper position marked as your first objective. Kill the soldiers guarding it and enter the position. If you don't have a sniper rifle pick up the one provided and zoom in on your target Colonel Chen. When you get a shot, pop him off. The mission will end.