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A good game with flaws

posted by Mattcarnes123 (PATCHOGUE, NY) Oct 31, 2014

Member since Oct 2014

The game is good with a lot of freedom though it does lack some basic features like auto aim. Some of the mechinc feel half done the guns and ammo system is bad your main way of getting ammo without hunting for it is to buy it from an acquard system, you select a spot for your dealers plane to land you select guns you cant select ammo but have to rebuy the guy and can only get 1 guy type at a time before the dealer flies away. When your completing a location it doesn't indicate were the completion stuff is on the map so its a weird hunt. The parachuting feels still were if you try to move it up past 1mph you end up landing 12 feet from were you took off

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By far the biggest open world game I've played

posted by Towerdog (DURHAM, NC) Oct 10, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

There are literally hundreds of hours of game play here with the story line and all the extras. Fun game indeed

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GF Rating

Very Good

I really like this game

posted by Sidradio (FORT WAYNE, IN) Sep 25, 2014

Member since Sep 2014

Sandbox games were new to me when I jumped into this. I really enjoyed being able to run around and create chaos and derail society, while causing horrible damage. Sure, things got crazy at times when two and sometime Three heavily armed gunships would Salvo 30 rockets at me and make my journey end, but nothing the good old reset button won't fix. I also LOVE D the ability to solve the game and go back to finish exploring the entire sand box. What an awesome concept. I had fun from the beginning to the end of this game and I'm proud to admit that it was my fifth purchase right from. The library that I would never have bought have GameFly wasn't around. I really hope they rework this game and make it ever more realistic. Why not a Army/Marine or Navy SEAL working up through the ranks accomplishing missions to only end up rewarded with special new unlock able responsibilities that would reward the player with more staff, better intelligence and capabilities (like it works in the real world?) Gove the player the opportunity to attempt mild interrogation techniques and learn of the fallout or benefit of those actions? I belive young men (and women) will not learn the power of these activities when implemented in a variety of ways. IE: Push too far and lose the detainee. Push to light and get nothing but a tour of nothing but places no one wants to visit to waste you time. I like this because of the options, but too many people are too afraid to explain this is a GAME, and lessons lead to educating you and your team. I really hope this game gets a little more edgy and pushes the envelope. Put a "M" rating and watch the kids stomp it out. Watch it! Stop being afraid to give kids a practical "risk free" look at counter terrorism. Maybe we can get some new meat? Then again, maybe we get 12-year-old hygienically challenged boys I it to feel important. Either way it's doing something, not just sitting get on our ass waiting for for someone to do it for us.

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