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Above Average


posted by Seriatim (SOLON, ME) Jul 20, 2010

Member since Aug 2008

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So, another open world game si a good thing...or should be, with he freedom to do, and shoot, what you please. However, there are several issues with the game. While it is great that the game world is so large, vehicle travel, for the most part, is very touchy, and some of the vehicles, most notably the jets, are difficult to bank and steer. Adding to the confusion is that different vehicles have different controls in order to steer/fly/propel them.
Another issue is hit detection. Sometimes you can take down an enemy with two shots. Sometimes you dump 15 rounds into him, he gets back up, and continues shooting you. On top of that, they are as dumb as posts. If you are in an enemy base that is on alert, you can run around a corner and the enemy will suddenly stop and wonder where you went. Or they will stand out in the open and simply shoot at you, not seeking any kind of cover.
Going around the open world, looking for secrets and getting chaos point is fun, but the problems overwhelm the fun for me.

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Very Good

Great sandbox game

posted by tronsta (ROSELLE, NJ) Mar 29, 2010

Member since Nov 2007

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As joystiq put it, Just Cause 2 is more of a toy than a game. It's a tremendous amount of fun.

Let me hit the bad stuff first, there isn't many:

1) Storyline is a bit contrived, and the voice acting is irritating.
2) No cover system.
3) Searching out some of the towns to complete them is fun at first, but becomes extremely irritating when the size of the towns get bigger. You'll get better at knowing what to look for but it still is a bit annoying.
4) No multiplayer.

Ok on to the good stuff:

1) The grappling hook and parachute combo, though extremely unrealistic, is great fun and allows even someone on foot to cover ground quickly with slingshot manueavers.
2) Stunts, stunts, stunts. It's almost too easy.
3) The story progression is decent considering it is a sandbox game. You have free reign to complete what you want when you want.
4) Black Market system is good, allows extraction to places you've already been, making travel much faster, as well as easy delivery of weapons and vehicles.
5) Exploration is pretty fun.
6) Lots of replay value.

Overall it's a great game and definitely worth renting. But, with no mulipilayer, it doesn't have lasting appeal. That was my helper in deciding whether or not to keep it, but it's worth your time as a rent for sure.

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posted by bian09 (WHITEHALL, MI) Jun 24, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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I rented this game from GameFly thinking that it would be something to pass the time until another triple A title arrived. I'm glad i did. This game is great. I usually hate open worlds because i tend to get off the storyline and just have fun until i get bored. Usually i feel that open world games lack any motivation for me to actually play the story missions. With this game i can just mess around for hours at a time. It has great graphics and a good story. If you get this game please do me a favor and go look at the water. This game has the most beautiful water i have seen in a game. I gave this game a 9 and the only reason i didn't give it a 10 is because i think there is always room for improvement.


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