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posted by mookis17 (MINNEOLA, FL) Dec 21, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This game is a beauty like no other a big 400 square miles of pure awesome. This game has endless fun ,and the sky diving Is perfect. Realistic plane mechanics make this game worth while. You don't even have to play the story but it's nice and easy to get into. Truly a game worth buying. Let's hope we see a 3 in the future.

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Above Average

I didn't really like it.

posted by madanonymous (FRONT ROYAL, VA) Feb 19, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

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I felt like I wanted to like this game. I'm a fan of large free-roam games, but that's the thing...this game is a little TOO big, like, unnecessarily huge. I saw an in-game tip before I started that said I could get the black market contact to extract me to previously discovered locations, but I didn't know I had to unlock it first. So, I wasted 20 minutes driving a boat to the next mission because I didn't discover any locations or unlock the extraction yet. Also, the controller doesn't even rumble when I get hurt, like most games, so unless I'm looking at the health bar, I can never really tell when I'm getting hurt until the screen starts flashing red, so I guess I just have to kill everyone on the screen before they kill me, which is also a pain, because the health regeneration is totally inconsistent, there's also no way to take cover because you have to HOLD the crouch button, unlike most games where it lets you choose if you want to hold or toggle the crouch button. The land vehicles were almost impossible to control, it felt like I was steering a bar of soap. I don't know if I just had a dirty or scratched disc, but some of the loading screens took forever to load, and they always have loading screens in between a bunch of 4 second long cut scenes. Also, sometimes the dialogue will skip like a broken record, like the first stronghold I did we go up to the base and the radio goes, "We have a-We have a-We have a-We have a visual!" stuff like that happened a lot and I've never seen a video game do that. There's also a "sprint" button, but whenever I use it I don't seem to move much faster. I was at least hoping to get a chance to explore this expansive map, but I can't go anywhere without the military attacking me for absolutely no reason. I'd just be flying around in a helicopter trying to discover locations, when suddenly I get a heat level for doing nothing, then I get blown up by a SAM. What I'm out of space? I didn't even get to the things I DID like abou

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posted by oldgame08 (ANTIOCH, CA) Nov 10, 2012

Member since Jun 2008

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If youre a older school gamer ..youve done this before in ps2 and original xbox games .. IT has better graphics and more expansive map play ..but voice acting horrible ..player mechanics feel unfinished ,a couple good ideas with vehicle play ..but weapons feel the same nothing over powerful 2 things that may stand out in my case ..1 the last game i played before this was beating prototype 2 a day before which was a epic game !!! 9 score ...and #2 i called in for a plane drop in the game and it dropped the plane in the trees 3 times after i clearly put the marker in the middle of the road and the plane dosent have reverse so i couldnt get out of the trees !!!!!!! and it charged me all 3 times,finally went to a totally different area
(4-5mins) dropped it again ..still had to move the plane ,took off got to the area .crashed by hitting a rock lol and died ..started over all the way back at the checkpoint so 75000$ in earned CHOAS CASH and 15mins later im back in the same spot !!! i put it back in the sleeve and slapped MW3 in till tuesday .BLACKOPS RELEASE DAY

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