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Number One Open World Game

posted by dabears17x (GREENVILLE, SC) Jun 5, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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When I got this, I thought okay, mediocre at best. Well I was wrong. When I rate this a 10, I MEAN A TEN. This game could not be better. Whether your slowly dismantling the government base-by-base or going kamikaze into casinos with a passenger airplane, it's like a movie. And if you're like me and you like doing illegal things in video games, this is the game to get. In this game you can collect drugs, Run over tons of civilians with a car, or steal cars, My favorite part of this game is he upgrade system on Black Market Vehicles an Weapons. Just collect weapon and vehicle parts from military bases, and upgrade your stuff for no cash charge. You can turn a commercial helicopter into a base destroying machine, turn a sports car into a machine gun nest. Or turn a 1-gunned armored car into a 3-gunned tank.
And unlike the first Just Cause, you can actually take of from airports.
And for this game, you dont even need to know the first game's story.

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Best-looking open world game to date

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Mar 23, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Jul 2006

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Just Cause 2 has improved on every one of the original games problems, and made the game world bigger to boot! The first, most noticeable difference is the graphics. Seriously, the detail and the draw distance in this game are AMAZING, much better than any other open world game I've ever played. When you're in a helicopter or standing atop a mountain, you can practically see the entire land mass, and it looks great the whole time.

The gameplay is just over-the-top fun. You get Chaos points for doing anything from blowing stuff up, collecting gun or vehicle parts, liberating towns, etc. Chaos points are then used to open up new missions, much like Cred in Saints Row 2 (if you've ever played that, which you should).

And that's probably the greatest draw: the missions. Well, not the actual story missions per se, but just the sheer variety of things to do in the game. There's always something to keep you occupied, and there's always something else to distract you from the thing you were just doing to keep you occupied. Racing, liberating towns, searching for collectibles, blowing things up, flying around the island, parachuting off of mountains, grappling your way up a building, or just enjoying the view.

The shooting is very run and gun, which I kinda didn't like. It seems pretty imprecise compared to a lot of other games I've played, and there's no "feeling" behind the gunfire. You basically just hop around trying to roll out of the way of the enemy bullets while you fling bullets back at them. It's still fun, without a doubt, but I just wish I could take a different approach sometimes... other than running people over with trucks or blasting them with a helicopter.

Any technicalities aside, Just Cause 2 is simply a really fun game. The voice acting is pretty bad and the storyline certainly won't win any awards, but it doesn't matter. Hop in the game, shoot some things, blow some stuff up, and then drive off a cliff into the sunset.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A Great All Around Game!!!!!

posted by CG0882 (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jun 23, 2010

Member since Oct 2008

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Graphics look decent with the huge gamplay map...The map in this game is probaly 80 miles long leaving much to do and places to go..I often found my self looing at the map chosing a misson to drive to, then 45 min. after ths going because there is so much on this game it keeps you distracted...there are probaly 100 different vehicels (cars, trucks, bikes, boats, planes, and helicopters)
The grappling hook and the parachute are nice keys in this game..Making it easy to get around the island, fun to sky dive, and even entertain by hooking people to cars, helicopters, or even to another person...

The con of the game is the story.. theres not much put into the story leaving the gameplay the best part...You often see people talking without lips moving or setences cut off in the middle of a conversation..

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